Creating a brand that resonates with the customer can help companies achieve success. But, they should avoid making some of the most common mistakes that most executives make. Branding can take many forms – you could pursue branding efforts via social media, or become an influential blogger to create an approachable and transparent image of yourself. Some executives, however, get carried away so much that they lose themselves in their role while forgetting what made them stand out initially. Read now…

 Smart Strategies For Effective Crisis Management

Adversity can hit you when you least expect it to  – this is especially true in the corporate world where things can turn upside down in a hurry and without a warning. While being prepared can help you sail through the crisis and maintain your reputation, this is seldom the case. Most businesses are critically unprepared for a crisis. Problems could range from a lack of crisis plan to a failure to stick to a plan. Read the article to learn more about smart strategies for recovery from a catastrophic event.

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Patrick is a Strategic Account Manager at Fullintel, and has a keen interest in brand management and statistical media analysis. Patrick brings his B2B software sales skills and background in communications to his dealings with all clients and enjoys pursuing his passion for writing and PR in his spare time. You can follow Patrick on LinkedIn