While crisis communications might not always be a do or die situation, the poor handling of a possibly negative situation can be the equivalent of a business’s public execution. This is particularly true of the damaging stories that go viral on social media.

Everyone remembers the unfortunate incident of MH370. But the question is, what are the communication lessons they learned from this? Subscribe to our business intelligence newsletter and know what else is covered. This week’s newsletter includes:

MH370 Crisis: Lessons We Can Learn From The Crisis

It has been three years since the unfortunate MH370 disappeared. Families struck by the disaster have been unable to find closure. The crisis rocked the aviation industry costing nearly 6000 jobs in Malaysian Airlines alone. But every tragedy leaves us a lesson. This one in particular was a lesson on crisis communication. There are three aspects to communicating during the crisis – the first phase is when you prepare people for the news, the second is the actual crisis itself, and the third is the recovery period. How did Malaysian Airlines handle the crisis? What are the lessons they learned? Read the newsletter to know more…

This is How The US Fish And Wildlife Service Turns Metrics Into Information

Social media measurement strategies revolve around reach impressions, retweets, or shares. Some of these measurements can be superficial and not give stakeholders an exact understanding of things. For example, just because a tweet has been tweeted multiple times, it doesn’t mean that people have clicked the link found on the tweet. And that is why the US Fish and Wildlife Service measures its metrics differently. Read the newsletter to know how…

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