Facebook, as we know, it always tries to introduce some features or update the existing ones. And this week, the largest social media platform had some interesting additions. Yes, Facebook has announced plans to make Facebook Messenger interaction more meaningful.

Facebook Messenger David Marcus recently dropped a few hints about major changes to the app this year. For one, interactions are set to become more meaningful so as to create interactive conversations both online and in real life. Since this announcement came as a teaser, not much is known about the changes. Given the fact that Facebook has become a major source of communication during relief works, we’re sure the app will focus on ways to improve connectivity in challenging environments.

The New Type Text Stories Feature From Instagram Has Snapchat Worried

2017 wasn’t a happy year for Snapchat. It did begin out well; even refusing takeover bids from tech giants. But, by the end of the year, things didn’t look good. For one, Instagram has managed to successfully duplicate some of Snapchat’s key features. This year, they’ve also added a key new feature that has Snapchat worried.

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