The Curious Case of Facebook’s 85%

The Marcom Intelligence Newsletter has everything you ought to know about what happening in the business world. Our business intelligence analysts have curated news from around the world, to present content that’s recent and relevant: At first, it read like a normal...

PR Tips And Advice For The Communications Professionals

Every week, Marcom Intelligence features the latest news and opinions in the communications industry. Some interesting tips and advice from this week's newsletter for the communications professionals include: Hold the Obituaries...Media Relations Isn’t Dead Yet…...

Apple To Introduce Search Ads To Apps…

Google and Facebook have competition from Apple; the latter plans to sell mobile app adds through a Google-styled search feature. While the apps would be based on search, advertisers would have to bid for the top slot. For years, the app install ads have been an...

Have You Ever Wondered About the Power of Influencers?

From being called Waity Katie and the Duchess of Do-little, Princess Catherine (aka Kate Middleton) has several nick names. But none can deny her influence on fashion. The clothes, shoes, and even accessories that she wears sell out in minutes. Websites have known to...

Facebook Advertisers Get To Target Non Users As Well

Isn’t it coincidental that everywhere you go on the internet you keep getting ads related to the latest collection of totes you liked on Facebook yesterday? Well, there’s nothing coincidental about a feature that helps Facebook earn $17 billion in ad revenue! They...

Understanding PR: Why is it Important for Your Business?

Our experts analyze a lot of media sources and pick the most relevant content that’s relevant to your business. We’ve collected some interesting tips and tricks to help you stay updated and manage your company’s business reputation. Here’s a quick summary of our...

Marcom Intelligence – Finally Something for You

When your job is providing intelligence to others, wouldn’t it be cool if someone did that for you too? That’s the idea behind the genesis of Marcom Intelligence. Every week, Marcom Intelligence features the latest news and opinions in the marketing industry. The...

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