The Hidden Costs (and Pain) of DIY Daily Executive News Briefs

There are three main kinds of daily executive news briefs: Curated in-house, through a PR agency, or through an expert curation service. But though an expert curation service may sound expensive, you may be surprised that clients on average pay between 100 and 400 percent more when they do it in-house or through an agency.

In-house curation also places unnecessary pressures on comms team members, including super early mornings, employee turnover, and scheduling and backup staff issues – all of which can distract heavily from a team’s core mandate.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • What goes into the three main types of daily news briefs
  • The four kinds of staff stress that come with in-house or agency curation
  • Why curating your daily news briefs in-house or through an agency actually costs more

Download the white paper for a detailed breakdown of the myriad hidden costs and employee stresses that often accompany in-house media monitoring and news brief curation.

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