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The Top 10 North Dakota Daily Newspapers by Circulation

The first newspaper in North Dakota was started by two American Civil War soldiers stationed at Fort Union, entitled the Frontier Scout, during the height of the Civil War in 1864. It was discontinued in 1865.Updated February 2020  1. The Forum Also known as “The...

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The Top 10 Tennessee Daily Newspapers by Circulation

The first newspaper to ever appear in Tennessee, the Knoxville Gazette, started up in 1791 and ceased publishing by 1818.Updated February 2020  1. The Commercial Appeal Also known as the “Memphis Commercial Appeal”, the Commercial Appeal is published by Gannett and...

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The Top 10 Texas Daily Newspapers by Circulation

Most of Texas’s original newspapers didn’t survive past the Texas Revolution against Mexico in the 1830s, with nine publishers distributing newspapers between 1819 and 1836. By the time Texas had achieved U.S. statehood in the 1840s, however, the number of newspapers...

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The Top 10 Utah Newspapers by Circulation

The first newspaper ever published in Utah, the Deseret News, appeared in June 1850. According to local historians it only operated for a year before suspending operations due to lack of paper – but it was back in business several months later, and is still published...

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The Top 10 Virginia Daily Newspapers by Circulation

Like most eastern U.S. states, Virginia’s history with newspapers goes back literally centuries: its oldest daily newspaper, the News-Gazette (Lexington), a weekly, was founded in 1801. Updated November 2019 1. Richmond Times-Dispatch Also known as the RTD or TD, the...

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The Top 10 Washington Daily Newspapers by Circulation

Just a few years ago, this list of top Washington state daily newspapers would have had another noteworthy name on it – the Seattle Post Intelligencer, which was founded in 1863 and was the state’s second-largest daily by circulation. The newspaper ceased its print...

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The Top 10 West Virginia Daily Newspapers by Circulation

West Virginia’s first-ever newspaper appeared in 1790, with the founding of the Potowmac Guardian & Berkeley Advertiser in Shepherdstown.Updated February 2020  1. Charleston Gazette-Mail Founded in 1873 as a weekly known as the Kanawha Chronicle, it became The...

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The Top 10 Wisconsin Daily Newspapers by Circulation

The cream of Wisconsin’s daily newspaper crop is the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a nationally regarded publication that has earned several prizes for top reporting over the years. Both the Journal Sentinel and the Wisconsin State Journal, the state’s two largest daily...

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