Media Analysis Reports
Uncover Corporate, Competitor, And Industry Trends With Powerful Insights

Prove The ROI Of Your PR, Communications And
Social Media Campaigns

Your communications team works hard to run great campaigns, drive earned media, and improve social media engagement. But as the saying goes: You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Show the value of all your PR activities through quantitative and qualitative media analysis and insights driven by Fullintel’s AMEC-certified media analysts and field-tested analysis processes based on AMEC’s Integrated Evaluation Framework. We produce customized, comprehensive media analysis for some of the largest companies in the world including Johnson & Johnson, HelloFresh, and Bell Flight.


Benchmark For Success

Fullintel media analysis reports are delivered when you want, and produced by expert media and data analysts – never solely an algorithm – to ensure the highest degree of accuracy and readability.

Always-Clean Media Data

Fullintel media analysis reports are built on the rock-solid foundation of our expert media monitoring and curation, meaning zero noise, irrelevant or passing mentions such as stock briefs and news releases, or annoying duplicates within datasets.

AMEC Media Impact Scoring

Fullintel’s media impact score is based on AMEC measurement standards, using multiple data points to show the value of all your coverage.

An Extension Of Your Team

Your dedicated media analyst has a background in your industry and gets to know your organization inside-out, ensuring they’re always speaking your – and the C-suite’s – language.

The Universal Metric: Media Impact Score

We’ll score both earned and relevant unearned media coverage based on custom criteria including article prominence, competitive sentiment and share of voice across organizations and products, campaign analysis, key sources, and other metrics.


Gold Medal Winners For Media Analysis

Fullintel was recognized by AMEC as a global leader in data, analysis, measurement and evaluation of communication for multiple years. Our award-winning human curation provides major enterprises the ability to respond with an impact, with clean and clear data only available through AMEC-certified trained media experts.

Fullintel Media Analysis:

Built On The Best Practices For Fortune 500 Companies

Competitive Analysis
Easily understand and measure the impact of your organization’s brands and products against competitors, including article prominence, competitive sentiment and share of voice, campaign analysis, top sources, and other key metrics.
Social Media Analysis
Track which influencers have the most impact on your brand, which events or actions sparked the most conversations, or which posts got the most favorable response – and overlay it all against traditional media data.
Advanced Sentiment Analysis
Track advanced coverage tone metrics including competitive sentiment, product sentiment, sentiment over time, sentiment by journalist or media outlet, or net sentiment vs. coverage volume – with all content scored by experts who know your business and industry.
Campaign Analysis
Our month-over-month analysis reports include all the campaigns you’ve run for the month, ensuring your PR team’s efforts are always highlighted – never ignored.
Key Source And Influencer Analysis
We’ll use your input to identify key sources relevant to your industry or increase visibility in new markets by manually curating, tagging, and scoring content so there’s never gaps in high-priority coverage.

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