Media Monitoring Alerts
Human-Curated And AI-Driven Media Alerts, Built For You And Delivered In Real-Time
Don't Let Breaking News

Don’t Let Breaking News
Catch You Flat-Footed

Stay informed and respond earlier to breaking news or crisis events with Fullintel’s intelligently automated or human curated news alerts, delivered to any device via email or SMS.

  • Set parameters on what content triggers an intelligent automated news alerts with your dedicated media analyst
  • Combine automated alerts with Fullintel PredictiveAI™ to spot and respond to trending stories earlier in the news cycle
  • Quickly deploy human-curated alerts during high volume periods to focus on the news that matters and its impact
PredictiveAI™ report-1

Our PredictiveAI™ and human curation combined can detect an incoming issue that can emerge into a crisis, or a potential opportunity for your team.

Intelligently Automated
News Alerts

Fullintel’s automated alerts keep you informed of breaking news in real-time, while our proprietary PredictiveAI™ will identify news stories that will trend. Stay ahead of potential issues, or take advantage of potential opportunities for your team.

Intelligently Automated
Human-Curated News Alerts

Human-Curated News Alerts

Follow and verify the impact of what’s being said by key sources and influencers – even during a crisis – with Fullintel’s human-curated news alerts with enriched metrics. Stay informed during periods of high coverage volumes without being overwhelmed by automated alerts.

AMEC Award

AMEC Award-Winning
Team And Platform

Fullintel’s media intelligence team has earned several AMEC Awards for exceptional work in communications measurement. AMEC is the world’s largest media intelligence and insights professional organization with nearly 200 members in more than 80 countries.

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