Media Impact Score 2.0

Your latest story pitch has successfully captured the attention of numerous outlets, boasting an impressive ‘audience reach’ of 200 million. But have you ever paused to consider the true depth of this reach?

Traditional metrics offer inflated numbers based on the average monthly visitors to a webpage, leaving us questioning: How many individuals are genuinely engaging with the content that mentions your brand? Beyond mere exposure, the crucial question remains—how many will actually remember and recall your brand after reading?

In today’s fast-paced media landscape, it’s essential to move beyond surface-level metrics and adopt a more sophisticated approach that can accurately measure and predict your brand’s recall potential among readers. This is where Fullintel’s Media Impact Score (MIS) comes into play, offering a deeper, qualitative analysis that truly gets to the heart of your media coverage’s impact and value.

Fullintel Releases MIS 2.0

Fullintel’s Media Impact Score is an authoritative and pier-reviewed method to conduct qualitative media analysis, or, put in simpler terms we assess to quality of your coverage not just its volume to tell you more about the possible changes in perception.

MIS is Fullintel’s broadly recommended workflow for qualitative evaluation of branded messaging which has produced multiple AMEC award-winning reports. The data isn’t just valuable, it is well used!

It simplifies a collection of qualitative metrics by reducing them down to a rating out of 10. Using customizable quality metrics, such as brand recall, prominence, and the inclusion of branded imagery we tell you faster than media analysis methods.

Powerful Data Visualizations For Instant Insights

Core Drivers Of MIS 2.0:

In our most recent iteration of our Media Impact Score – MIS 2.0 – we’ve added additional layers of quality analysis that can be used for many brand and competitive analysis use cases.
MIS Inputs MIS 2.0
Recall NEW: Headline Visibility, Prominence, Outlet Tiering, Human Elements in branded visuals
Audience NEW: Outlet Tier, Social Amplification, Social Engagement Inputs
Perception NEW: Sentiment, Spokespeople/KOL, Key Topics, Message Penetration, Voice Distribution/Dominance
Behavior NEW: Call-To-Action, Link + Link Quality and Secondary Pickup
Barcelona Princples Fully aligned, the MIS 2.0 is based on this accredited process.

Strategic communications requires inputs and data to validate that what’s changing in beneficial to your organization. Communications programs are too expensive and fraught with risk to just go with your gut instinct, trust but verify that your communications efforts are having the right effect.

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