Our Work With PR Agencies

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Discover how Fullintel revolutionizes the way PR agencies operate. By entrusting us with the intricacies of media monitoring and analytics, agencies are liberated to focus on what they do best – crafting impactful public relations and communication strategies.

Our expert analysts handle the detailed, time-consuming tasks of media tracking and data analysis, providing agencies with the freedom and resources to concentrate on the bigger picture: creating dynamic, successful PR campaigns that resonate and endure. Choose Fullintel, and transform the way you approach PR – where your vision is our mission.

How we work with PR Agencies


Time & Energy Spend

Consistent Report Delivery – Our dedicated analysts will handle curation, and report creation, taking these mammoth daily tasks off your plate. By letting us focus on these time-intensive processes, you and your team will be freed up to focus on more strategic endeavors, such as insights application in campaigns and pitching for your clients.

Integration of Feedback

Nuanced complexity of reporting – While we may be the experts on data & metrics, we know that your agency can provide a level of insight into client campaigns/strategies that Fullintel won’t have. We integrate your feedback and recommendations into our reporting to ensure your client gets all the data points needed for success.

Crisis and Event Monitoring

24-7 Crisis Support – Activate our expert analysts to support a client crisis with media monitoring and alerts for incoming issues within the hour, fully curated and enhanced by PredictiveAI™.

A communications crisis isn’t just a major distraction from core PR responsibilities – it could put your client at risk. Learn why Fullintel won several AMEC Awards for Crisis Media Measurement & Reporting for helping preserve the brand reputation of a major tourism company.

Global Monitoring

Support all your regional teams – No matter where your client is located or the language their media coverage is in, we provide global monitoring and reporting services.

Traditional and social media coverage span countries and divisions. Let our teams provide reports to demonstrate the value of each team’s campaigns and strategies.

Why Partner With Fullintel


Actionable News, Delivered

Low-Cost Extension of Your Team

Fullintel has experience working with PR Agencies and Companies as an extension of the team. We are partners who will work with you to accomplish your goals and objectives–at a lower cost than even your most junior executive. You can scale with Fullintel on an hourly rate–so you get what you need without needing to hire. Fullintel provides 24/7 monitoring and analysis for crises and issues. Now, you can respond to global requests, with Fullintel’s Global access and support.

Third-Party Credibility

Fullintel provides credibility as third-party experts measuring the work of your agency engagement teams. A client has more confidence in the results with the third-party layer. Let us help you show the value and celebrate the successes of your campaigns. As we do not work on media output and are focused purely on media measurement, we are able to provide an objective look into the performance of a brand’s media output and measure against defined goals & objectives.

Daily Digest

Kyle Adam
Head of Agency Partnerships

Leading our business development team, Kyle has more than 14 years of experience forging strategic relationships with high profile clients. At Fullintel, he manages and oversees all PR agency partnerships.

With a hyper focus on client work, Kyle has helped our partners showcase the ROI on their strategies and understand the nuances of media monitoring and intelligence. 2024 has proven that risk and issues management is of top priority, and he spearheaded our Safety Alert and Risk Management System.

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