Building Deep Competitive Analysis Across Traditional and Social Media for Medical Device Maker

The Client

A global medical device company with a mission to drive scientific innovation to address specific healthcare needs, including various specialty medical devices for orthopedics, interventional solutions, surgery, and vision.

At a glance:

The medical device company needed to understand the impact of its public relations and communication efforts, benchmarked both against its past performance and that of its competitors. Fullintel suggested an array of human-curated evaluation and measurement methodologies, including competitive analysis, to solve this issue.

The Challenge

Fullintel initially provided quarterly media analysis reports driven by our proprietary Media Impact Score (MIS), enabling the company to quantify and evaluate the impact of media coverage on its reputation and brand. 

This methodology focused only on the company’s performance, limiting its ability to gauge its relative standing among competitors. As the client’s media measurement program matured and its team required deeper insights Fullintel recommended expanding the analysis to competitor coverage and social media to allow for a direct comparison.

This new approach would provide a deeper performance assessment, facilitating better decision-making and strategy based on a clearer understanding of long-term trends and patterns, while eliminating the potential influence of seasonal and market fluctuations.

Fullintel’s quarterly reports were to be supplemented by daily media briefings and our Fullintel Hub monitoring platform with advanced media coverage dashboards, providing near-real-time access to up-to-date metrics across all business lines within a unified platform.

The Solution

Fullintel recommended a strategy driven by the following elements:

Performance benchmarking through competitive MIS: Fullintel analyzes competitors’ MIS to directly compare the impact of the client’s media efforts against competitors and business lines. 

Competitive MIS weights metrics including prominence, headline visibility, sentiment, publication tier, spokesperson quotes, and social handle. 

An apples-to-apples comparison: Fullintel evaluates client and competitor performance through an always-consistent methodology that’s the same for each company.

Expertly crafted daily briefings: A daily, human-curated executive media brief featuring traditional media coverage of the client and its competitors, along with other trending stories from the medtech industry.

Quarterly performance analysis reports: A curated analysis report to provide an understanding of the impact of media efforts, including competitive MIS, benchmarking comparisons over the previous monitoring period, and a breakdown of overall volume, reach, and MIS by region. 

Fullintel Hub: An always-on online measurement dashboard allows team members to access near-real-time metrics of all its business lines in a single platform. Client team members can use Fullintel Hub to see a human-curated news feed beside an automated feed for real-time intelligence.

The Deliverables

Fullintel monitors and evaluates traditional and social media channels to track and measure the client’s media performance. Specific implementation elements and deliverables included:

Categorization and prominence rankings: Fullintel’s unique methodology to benchmark competitive performance in both traditional and social media content involves categorizing articles and posts based on sentiment and ranking them by prominence.

Spokesperson quotes: The frequency and quality of spokesperson quotes, a key indicator of brand prominence within coverage, are also tracked.

Manual monitoring of hard-to-find outlets: Fullintel monitors designated outlets specified by the client that aren’t available in SaaS tools, and are often behind paywalls or other subscription gates. We also include several Korean-language media outlets not available in online monitoring tools.

Monitoring earned traditional and social media across all regions: Engagement and coverage is tracked across social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in regions such as North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. This monitoring includes content in multiple languages.

Monitoring exclusions to enhance relevance:Fullintel’s measurement approach emphasizes relevance and meticulousness, ensuring the exclusion of irrelevant content and weeding out fake news and misinformation.

Analyzing challenges over time: An issue timeline analysis enables the client to examine how specific issues and challenges evolved throughout the monitoring period.

Streamlining all divisions in a single report: All client divisions are included in a unified report, enabling the client to assess overall media performance while still providing insights into the media performance of each business line.

The Result

Fullintel’s rollout of a full traditional and social media competitive analysis – while still providing quarter-over-quarter comparisons for benchmarking and context – has delivered deep insights to the client on how its communications initiatives have performed.

A repeatable, predictable, and unified methodology across all business units and competitors means the team now benchmarks against its own and competitor results from previous quarters, as well as that of its competitors. Adding competitive social media analysis driven by MIS provides an additional element of situational awareness for the client’s comms team, with the entire approach providing a much more comprehensive view of the media, key opinion leader, and influencer landscape. 

Fullintel’s combination of quarterly reports supplemented by daily media briefings and a near-real-time online dashboard provides the most up-to-date, highly contextual benchmarks and metrics across all business lines within a unified platform. 

The medical device maker now uses this competitive intelligence to make better decisions around PR and communications campaigns, product launches, and other business activities. 

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