Helping Major Entertainment Company Understand Audience Reaction to its Latest Film Release Through Human Curation

The Client

An American multinational entertainment and media conglomerate founded around a century ago, and often described as a diversified entertainment company encompassing various sectors such as film, television, and merchandise.

At a glance:

The client, one of the largest and most established film studios in the world, released a highly anticipated major motion picture sequel in 2023. Given the notable success of the first movie and the client’s massive film budget, there were high expectations for the sequel to excel.

The client needed to understand, in as close to real-time as possible, the impact of all marketing and promotional campaigns around the new film.

The Challenge

To assess the impact of its film-related campaigns, events, and marketing endeavors, the client engaged Fullintel to monitor and curate traditional and social coverage of the company’s promotional activities associated with the film’s digital release.

With a budget of several hundred million dollars set against heightened media and public expectations, the company needed accurate information to ensure it received a solid return on that investment in the media and public spheres.

There were several challenges around this assignment, however, most notably the sheer amount of coverage the film received. Much of that coverage was ther irrelevant to the company or simply passing mentions.

To combat the above issues Fullintel recommended a human curation approach that wouldn’t overwhelm the client’s communications team with waves of irrelevant data. This would be combined with daily media impact reports and a curated analysis report to provide deep insights into the reach and public reception of campaigns. Fullintel recommended advanced metrics that specifically measure recall, behavior, and audience drivers.

Fullintel also proposed a similar approach to track future digital film releases. This would help the team understand the trends and reach of each release relative to one another, enabling it to correlate this data with revenue projections and actual revenue numbers.

The Solution

Fullintel’s strategy combined human curation along with daily, weekly, and end-of-event analysis reporting powered by a series of qualitative and quantitative metrics and insights including sentiment, reach, trend analysis, and other metrics.

Unique metrics included in the wrap-up report include deep analysis on drivers of recall, audience, and behavior. Along with standard traditional and social media metrics, unique implementation elements included:

Media Impact Score (MIS): MIS measures coverage quality of traditional and social content through reach, sentiment, prominence, key messages, and other factors, with every metric assigned a value based on its unique importance to the client. MIS applies an easy-to-understand score out of 100 to individual articles that can then be extrapolated to evaluate entire campaigns, issues, time intervals and more.

Recall drivers: Fullintel measures attributes that play a role in creating lasting impressions, including exclusive prominence, headline visibility, and branded visuals.

Audience drivers: These are factors that influence and motivate the audience’s behavior and engagement. These attributes include outlet tier and how news articles trend on social media.

Behavior drivers: Attributes that prompt readers to respond or react, and can be identified through embedded hyperlinks. Fullintel’s analysis of behavior drivers helps the client’s team influence and shape desired behaviors.

Voice analysis: This analyzes the sentiment of specific individuals quoted or featured in coverage who express their opinions or provide details about the company, movie, or ongoing promotional activities.

The Deliverables

Fullintel’s deliverables included the following:

  • Daily media impact reports: Fullintel delivers daily media impact reports to the client, providing a snapshot of relevant activities and discussions surrounding the digital release of the sequel on online streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Apple TV, iTunes, Google Play, Disney+, and Hotstar. This enables the team to gauge the efficacy of its campaigns and events and make data-driven decisions in as close to real-time as possible.
  • Weekly wrap-up media impact reports: Fullintel provides a weekly media impact report that consolidates coverage from that week. The data is then compared to that of the previous week, enabling the client to stay updated on how its campaigns and events surrounding the digital release have been received from a more macro perspective than daily reports can provide.
  • End-of-event analysis reports: Fullintel also provides analysis reports covering the digital release, promotional campaigns, and any related events. These analysis reports are generated using specific metrics that help the client understand the influence of its campaigns on traditional and social media platforms, enabling it to take creative steps to optimize its future promotional events.

The Result

Fullintel’s human-driven content collection, curation, and analysis driven by value metrics around recall and audience drivers helped the client understand, in close to real-time, the impact of its promotional campaigns around the release of the much-anticipated sequel.

The impact was profound, with the film becoming one of the highest-grossing releases of 2023.

Our human curation ensured the comms team was able to keep its finger on the pulse of audience reaction without being overwhelmed by thousands of passing mentions, such as film listings.

The client now has a deeper understanding of the response to the film in both social and traditional media than standard media metrics alone could possibly provide – and has a templated approach it can use to measure future releases. Armed with these valuable insights, the company can better plan promotional content and make more informed decisions around future campaigns, in turn helping it meet its revenue projections.

That’s crucial because of the massive scale of these film projects, which often have budgets in the hundreds of millions of dollars and heady expectations for commercial success. With such large projects, using accurate data to prove ROI in as close to real-time as possible is essential for comms and marketing teams to move forward with or adjust campaigns as needed.

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