National Trade Association Implements Monthly Competitive Media Measurement Driven by Impact Metrics

The Client

A U.S. national industry association established several decades ago, this not-for-profit organization regularly runs well-publicized industry surveys and operates certification programs for its industry. The association’s surveys and other thought leadership initiatives are often covered in the media.

At a glance:

To gauge the effectiveness of its media efforts and learn more about its media footprint in traditional media, the client – a media monitoring and analysis neophyte – initially approached Fullintel for a daily overview of news coverage from traditional media sources. This soon evolved into a much more comprehensive monitoring and measurement program.

The Challenge

The association’s human-curated daily Media Impact Reports (also known as executive news briefings) provided rich daily summaries of media activity, but didn’t provide the insights it needed in terms of measuring coverage impact, competitive analysis, and assessing the overall media landscape. The client’s original daily briefings also did not cover social media.

Fullintel suggested a monthly curated analysis report powered by advanced metrics – including Fullintel’s proprietary Media Impact Score (MIS) – to supplement the briefings. 

This report would be populated by deep metrics including average MIS (in traditional and social), top competitors, top coverage drivers, traditional and social media sentiment, net sentiment, key topics by sentiment, and competitive MIS.  

The monthly analysis report would allow the association to make more informed decisions and more effectively manage its brand reputation, ultimately providing a better experience for its customers.

The Solution

Fullintel’s strategy combines human social and traditional media curation, daily impact reports, and monthly measurement reporting powered by a series of qualitative and quantitative metrics and insights including MIS. To avoid excess noise or missed posts, and to include LinkedIn content, monitoring is conducted manually with some automated assistance. 

This strategy was underpinned by the following elements:

1. Analyst-Curated Daily Reports: Curated by analysts and offering a full overview of the brand’s media coverage, including the latest news about executives and trending stories from key sources. Each daily report provides a summary table, sentiment, reach, syndication data, and competitor coverage combined with reach data.

2. Monthly Curated Analysis Report: A monthly analysis report including traditional media analysis and analysis of earned and owned social media. The curated analysis report eliminates irrelevant information to deliver a detailed breakdown of media channels, key topics, social media coverage, and engagement across major platforms.

The Deliverables

Unique implementation elements and deliverables included:

Content exclusions: Fullintel follows a detail-oriented, relevancy-based, systematic measurement approach to exclude irrelevant content. Fullintel also identifies and eliminates fake news and includes licensed paywalled content.

Visuals analysis: Including brand visuals provides important insights for maintaining brand consistency, engaging the audience, outperforming competitors, evaluating ROI, adapting to trends, and protecting brand identity.

Key topics: Measured in terms of volume and sentiment. 

Sentiment Analysis: Sentiment share of voice and net sentiment metrics help the client understand positive and negative sentiment towards their brand and how it changes over time. 

Media Impact Score (MIS): Fullintel’s Media Impact Score (MIS) measures the quality of coverage. MIS incorporates metrics such as reach, sentiment, prominence, key messages, profile weightage, and other factors to indicate the impact of traditional and social media.

The Result

Fullintel’s rollout of a full traditional and social media competitive analysis – while still providing daily media briefings to keep communications staff and executives appraised each day – helped the client get a firm grasp on the performance of its communications initiatives and thought leadership campaigns.

Not only does human curation and analysis allow the inclusion of important LinkedIn content (a platform not readily available on SaaS media monitoring platforms), but it also helps better separate relevant signals from noise. 

Fullintel’s combination of monthly reports supplemented by daily briefings now provides the association with the media and market intelligence it needs. The client now uses this competitive intelligence to make better decisions around PR and communications campaigns, original research report releases, and other business activities. 

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