Executive News Briefs

Media Intelligence Briefings For Executives, Curated By Experts
Actionable News, Delivered

Actionable News, Delivered
Before Your Day Begins

Keep executives and other stakeholders outside your team informed of the content affecting your brand and industry with Fullintel’s graphic-rich Executive News Briefs. Delivered daily at the time of your choosing, they’re curated and delivered by expert media analysts with deep knowledge of your organization, industry, and competitors.

Optimize Costs

30% to 60% more affordable than internal or PR agency-crafted news briefs.

Build Executive Confidence

No more missed articles or social posts, even when paywalled or unavailable in SaaS tools.

Eliminate Noise

Expert curation saves your team from having to filter out semi-relevant or irrelevant content.

Focus Your Team

Free up your team so they have more time to build winning PR campaigns.

Daily Digest

A brief executive overview of your most important media coverage, most commonly used as a high-level executive brief. The Daily Digest includes:

  • Publication headline and publishing date
  • Brief keyword summary and analyst summary
  • Machine-translated summary (if applicable)
  • Link to the original article
  • Easy sharing options via email or social media
Daily Digest
Media Coverage Report

Media Coverage Report

An in-depth overview of your daily media coverage, most commonly used to demonstrate earned media reach and pickup. The Media Coverage Report includes:

  • Original article image (if applicable)
  • Audience reach data (including all syndications)
  • A list of syndicated sources (if applicable)
  • Other stories related to the same topic

Media Impact Report

A comprehensive overview of your daily media coverage and social media impact, most commonly used for issues or crisis monitoring. The Media Impact Report includes:

  • Expertly-scored article sentiment (tone)
  • Social media influencer intelligence and share data
  • Social media reach data
  • Reach and sentiment of related coverage
Media Impact Report
The Hidden Costs Of DIY Executive News

Free Download: The Hidden Costs of DIY Executive News Briefs

Fullintel saves between 30% to 60% of the costs of doing morning news briefs yourself or through a PR agency. Download the whitepaper below for a detailed cost savings calculation.

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