Fullintel Moves Multinational Construction Company to Human-Curated Measurement for a Better Understanding of Media Impact

The Client

A construction, property, and infrastructure multinational with operations in Asia, the Americas, and other regions across the globe.

At a glance:

The client’s previous entry-level automated media monitoring and measurement approach did not allow for effective campaign measurement, provide a full understanding of media impact, and often included irrelevant mentions.

Fullintel migrated the company to a human-curated communications measurement program, including a powerful and adaptive framework that monitors, measures, analyzes and processes all the outputs of the company’s PR efforts. Fullintel’s human-curated system now provides much more accurate measurement of outputs and outcomes, allowing the client to achieve its communications goals.

The Challenge

The client possessed a global media footprint requiring a robust and fast-moving media measurement program fed by content sources around the world (even those behind paywalls or other gateways). But its previous automated media monitoring and measurement approach did not allow for effective campaign measurement or provide a full understanding of media impact, and often included many irrelevant or missing mentions.

That’s why Fullintel proposed a human-curated media monitoring and measurement program underpinned by relevant and timely social and traditional media content, and led by a dedicated analyst that knows the company’s business and industry intimately. The program included the following objectives:

  • Measure the impact of construction and development campaigns
  • Track and analyze media efforts around company-managed housing
  • Improve outcomes around measurement efforts and improve content relevancy
  • Get a handle on the satisfaction of residents and its impact on the company’s reputation, especially during times of crisis
  • Monthly analysis of competitor performance and industry developments

The company also wanted to use Fullintel to help it meet an internal communications goal of keeping traditional and social media negative sentiment at or below 25 percent each month.

The Solution

Fullintel’s reporting strategy was proposed to include a range of advanced qualitative and quantitative metrics, delivered monthly and fed by traditional and social media content from a key source list identified by both Fullintel and the client.

The program was also developed to help the client benchmark its PR efforts across its various U.S. regions and business units, including its communities, developments, and construction projects.

The overall strategy included the following important elements:

Media Impact Scoring: Fullintel’s Media Impact Score (MIS) measures traditional and social media impact and is based on weighted metrics such as reach, sentiment, prominence, outlet tier, and headline visibility, spokesperson quotes and key source performance. Each client can customize how MIS is weighted and calculated.

Exclusive media monitoring: Because of the velocity of traditional and social media mentions surrounding the company’s upcoming projects, Fullintel planned to deploy exclusive media monitoring resources to focus on specific regions, sources, and channels, to not only track and record all mentions but keep them in the proper context.

Public opinion analysis via sentiment and impact scoring: Analyzing the opinions and satisfaction of residents of the company’s communities and developments through social media was one of the company’s primary goals.

Influencer identification: Key influencers and opinion leaders who play a major role in conveying and promoting campaign efforts are identified and tracked, to both improve engagement with these influencers and improve the reach of campaigns.

The Deliverables

The client’s previous automated media reports were replaced by human-curated reports packed with qualitative and quantitative insights. Reports are based on content across North American traditional and social media channels.

A series of reports are now delivered to the company’s communications team, including a daily Media Impact Report, Daily Communities Business Update, Peer Media Report, Social Media Metric Report, monthly Media Analysis, and a Brand Report.

Highlights of specific implementation elements include:

Media Impact Report: Human-curated, daily newsletters of the past 24 hours’ worth of coverage of the company, its business units, and competitors. Traditional media articles are categorized by reach, sentiment, Media Impact Score (MIS), and media type. Social media content is categorized by reach and sentiment to understand the effectiveness of the client’s owned and earned social media efforts.

Communities Business Social Media Report: A daily report focused on communities, highlighting developments, updates, and issues identified on social media, which in turn helps the company improve community quality.

Peer Media Report: A deep analysis of affordable housing commitments from top peers, including city council and planning commission coverage and coverage of Silicon Valley’s impact on real estate in Northern California.

Social Media Metric Report: A detailed monthly supplement featuring comprehensive social media metrics, organized by key topics and analyzed by sentiment and impact. Also includes analysis of top trending keywords and influencers.

Human-curated Monthly Media Analysis: A human-curated, data-driven media analysis report that enables the client to understand campaign effectiveness and impact. The graphic-rich report dashboard provides a range of deep metrics at a quick glance, making it ideal for senior stakeholders pressed for time.

Brand Report: A single-page dashboard that includes company-specific campaign efforts for the week, with metrics including the volume, reach, media types, sentiment, regions, journalists and key sources.

The Result

Fullintel’s push to a human-curated reporting strategy, over the client’s previous (and ineffective) automated approach, helped the company more effectively measure its PR efforts around its many North American communities and other projects. Detailed reporting of coverage in traditional media and social media channels helps the client better understand its impact, brand reputation, and the sentiment and opinions of residents and other stakeholders.

At the same time, Fullintel’s human-curated approach provided always-relevant coverage and noise-free data – something automated monitoring and reporting simply can’t do.

This approach also helped the communications team meet its internal communications goal of keeping traditional and social media negative sentiment at or below 25 percent each month. The company can now monitor, track, measure, and analyze all its traditional and social media efforts, including those around specific business units and initiatives such as housing communities, through a series of deep metrics, including MIS.

The company can also accurately measure public and customer sentiment through social media, allowing it to quickly identify any issues in communities and take action before they become significant problems.

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