New Multi-Market Strategy Results in Improved Benchmarking for Major Medical Client

The Client

The client, a global leader in eye health in more than 60 countries, specializes in contact lenses, eye surgery, R&D, and manufacturing. The U.S.-based company’s global footprint includes operations from China to Ireland, along with other facilities throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

At a glance:

A worldwide leader in eye health with a global media footprint wanted to measure its media efforts in four of its primary global markets, with a goal of standardizing its methodologies across regions to more accurately and consistently benchmark the impact of its PR efforts.

In response, Fullintel developed a customized and human-curated media monitoring and measurement program based on relevant content in multiple languages, along with creating and applying a consistent methodology across all the company’s regions.

The Challenge

Thanks to the client’s global footprint, it needed to measure its media efforts in its major geographic markets using standardized methodologies to benchmark the real impact of its PR efforts across various regions in a consistent way.

Previously, however, its four major regions (NA, APAC, EMEA, and LATAM) conducted their own media measurement using differing methodologies and data points, making benchmarking next to impossible.

The client’s goal was to develop a much deeper understanding of its key global markets through a consolidated media monitoring and measurement program.

To achieve this goal Fullintel proposed a customized, human-curated reporting methodology based on relevant content in multiple languages using a multi-language analytical search. Fullintel also proposed a range of deep metrics such as regional sentiment, Media Impact Score (MIS) for each media placement, disease area classification by region, and key topics analysis by region.

The Solution

Fullintel proposed a quantitative and qualitative measurement framework to track all relevant traditional and social media coverage, while comparing impact across the four major markets via daily and quarterly reports.

This strategy was underpinned by a centralized monitoring and measurement approach to ensure consistency and economies of scale. The media measurement program, on the other hand, would feature specific insights for each geographic area (such as product line share of voice (SOV), top influencers, sentiment, and top competitors by region).

The overall strategy was further buttressed by four main elements:

  1. 1) Key metrics: Key metrics included our fully customizable Media Impact Score (MIS), which is calculated using factors such as reach, sentiment, prominence, key messages, headline visibility, publication tier, and spokesperson quotes. Other key metrics included competitive SOV, product line SOV, owned posts vs. engagement, and highest/lowest performing owned posts.
  2. 2) Multi-language content: Coverage from all languages across the four markets were to be included to provide the fullest possible picture. All deliverables were to include the original text plus machine translations.
  3. 3) Multi-market analytics: It was also proposed to measure both earned and owned media activity for each region in a single analysis dashboard. Each multi-market analysis was to include the overall findings along with specific findings per region, with the same methodology and template for each to ensure consistency.
  4. 4) Key sources: Media outlets would be classified into three groups – key, trade, and business publications – to provide better insights around the type of media driving the most impact. Social media would include LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

The Deliverables

Because the company was already a Fullintel client, getting its communications team up and running on their new multi-market reporting program was quick and easy. Fullintel now delivers deep quantitative and qualitative analytics of the client’s traditional and social media footprint across all four markets, in any language, with a consistent methodology and presentation applied to all measurement activities.

Specific implementation elements include:

Daily Media Impact Report

A human-curated daily report that includes data on corporate, brand, and competitor coverage across all four markets. The daily report also gives insights into trending industry articles, reach, sentiment, and media types.

Quarterly Media Analysis Report

A comprehensive analysis of the media trends of all four markets, enabling the company to measure impact and benchmark PR effectiveness across each market. The analysis report provides intelligence around the volume, reach, sentiment, and MIS of each article, along with data on key opinion leaders, source SOV, and key topics SOV. It also includes owned, earned, and competitive media analysis from social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Multi-market analytics

In each report, data from each of the four markets are analyzed separately and displayed in separate dashboards. Dashboards are a mix of qualitative and quantitative metrics, allowing the client to quickly understand the deep nuances of each market at a glance. Fullintel also provides an overall dashboard of all four markets combined.

Ad-hoc reports

Fullintel is constantly on standby to deliver ad-hoc reports at the company’s request – employing the same quantitative and qualitative metrics, consistent methodology, and multi-language analytical search – for fast-moving or one-off topics.

The Result

Fullintel’s centralized data curation and annotation, combined with data broken down by geographic region, now provides a crystal-clear view of each region’s performance. Each region includes a range of metrics including top journalists, influencers, sentiment by region, and source type SOV by region.

Previously, the client’s four major regions (NA, APAC, EMEA, and LATAM) conducted their own media measurement using differing methodologies and data points, making benchmarking extremely difficult. Fullintel’s new approach helped the team meet its goal of acquiring a much deeper understanding of its key global markets.

This data is now used by the company’s executive team to evaluate key market performance and trends, allowing the team to make adjustments quickly or invest in areas providing the most value.

“It’s important to make sure we have consistent media measurement across all our regions. By having Fullintel compile these reports for each of the regions, it’s helping us to ensure consistency and efficiency from a budget perspective, as well as a time spent perspective,” says the client’s director of communications. “We can look at it from a regional perspective, but also from the global perspective, all in one report.”

The client can trust in and act on the data provided by Fullintel partially because of our expert curation and measurement approach, which combines supervised automation for certain processes overseen by full human curation and analysis by media analysts to ensure relevance and accuracy.

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