Public relations and grieving are a lot similar than you’d like to think. Read further to learn how.

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in her 1969 book On Death and Dying explains about the different stages of grief. Mourning, she says occurs over five stages. Not meaning to trivialize death, but public relations too goes through several stages. From setting expectations to taking stock of the situation, and finally executing the strategy, public relations too has to go through several processes, says Curtis Sparrer, PR expert and principal in chief at Boston-based Bospar PR.

What Happens When Someone Plans An Animated Series On PR

How wise would it be to pick one aspect of public relations and make an animated series on it? Spinning may have once been a centerpiece of the profession, but it is now outdated and not really considered cool anymore. Public relations is a broad industry. Picking up spinning to make it sound as if it is something sinister does not seem a good idea at all.

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