Solar Power International is powered by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) was designed to serve and advance the solar energy industry. This event focuses solely on creating an environment that fosters the exchange of ideas, knowledge and expertise for furthering solar energy development in the United States. At Fullintel, Our expert media analysts have individually scoured through hundreds of media mentions – reading and analyzing every single news, tweets, and like related to Solar Power International 2017. It includes figures, stories and emotions – all handpicked by human analysts.

SPI 2017 - Exhibitors

SUNTECH had the media buzzing with around 50 media mentions. ABB also managed to remain a darling in the media with around 45 mentions. LG was a close third with 40 mentions. Except for Jinko, HUAWEI, all high impact companies were covered in the US media.

SPICon - Region

Our media analysts picked lots of articles among which 480 articles were from U.S., 267 articles from Europe, Asia covering 387 articles, followed by Africa with 108 articles and Oceania with 126 articles.

SPI Con - Media Coverage

Through our media monitoring service, we’ve covered a total of 780 stories – 330 from traditional media sources and 450 from social media sources.

SPI Con - Top Outlets

We covered lots of articles from around the globe. EnvironmentGuru, Solar Power World, Altenergymag, Solar Novus Today and many other major outlets covered stories related to the event. EnviornmentGuru won the race with 40 articles followed by Solar Power World with 28 articles and altenergymag with 10 articles.

SPI Con - Authors

The Solar Power International also saw some of the top names in media covering the events. Kathie Zipp from the Solar Power World covered around 18 articles; Kelly Pickerel from Solar Power World also covered around 10 articles as well. John Fitzgerald Weaver from the Electrek covered around 3 articles and, Todd Prince from the Las Vegas Review Journal and Abby L. Harvey from Power covered 2 articles each.

SPI Con - Social Trends

Solar Power International trended well on Twitter, with some of the major industry influencers like Lauri Kinnunen, Matthew Britt and Tor Valenza covered the event.

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