Media Monitoring: News that Matters

Our cutting-edge technology and experienced media analysts always deliver the most relevant and cost-effective media monitoring and media intelligence possible for PR teams at large organizations – any time of day, seven days a week.

Our analysts do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.


High-Touch, Quality-Assured Executive News Briefs and Media Monitoring

You’ll love our expertly-curated daily executive news briefs because they’re powered by the most detail-oriented and expert media monitoring team in the industry.

Whether it’s the middle of the night, early in the morning, or a Sunday afternoon, our cutting-edge technology and experienced media analysts are always there. Your dedicated analyst tirelessly monitors all required media channels for company, competitor, product, and industry mentions in real time.

Fullintel’s curated executive news briefs are fully customizable, shareable, image-rich and mobile-friendly. Combine them with real-time news alerts, event media monitoring, crisis media monitoring, or media monitoring for risk & supply chain management that’s compiled by technology, and curated by experts who know your business.


On-Demand, Award-Winning Crisis Media Monitoring

A crisis doesn’t always happen during business hours. Serious product issues, management or customer service slip-ups, security breaches, or litigation can cause PR nightmares that can do long-term damage to your organization’s reputation. 

That’s why Fullintel’s crisis hotline exists. Once alerted, our on-demand and award-winning crisis media monitoring team begins hunting for relevant brand mentions to keep you on top of developing issues as they happen – any time of day, any day of the week, 365 days a year.

AMEC-Certified Media Analysis

Fullintel’s media analysis is driven by expert media analysts certified by the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) who know your business and industry inside-out.

We provide a comprehensive combination of qualitative and quantitative insights, commentary, and key performance indicators – including following AMEC best practices, in-depth competitive analysis, and nuanced sentiment analysis – summarized in a detailed, boardroom-ready report.


What our customers say about our service
Smiling businesswoman using phone in office. Small business entrepreneur looking at her mobile phone and smiling.

Incredibly Responsive and make everything so easy.

Adam Snyder

VP Corporate Comms, MUFG Bank

You get off the phone confident that things are going to be done the right way.

Sr. PR Director

Fortune 500 Pharma

This new insight has been important for us because we can look at individual campaigns and the way they were messaged to determine if that approach worked.

Sr. Comms Executive

Automotive Service Org.

Saving Close to 30,000 Annually which is incredible considering the work quality and efficiency gains.

Lindsay Bohlander

Sr. PR Director, Shionogi Pharmaceuticals

It’s a Media Monitoring solution we can depend on.

VP of Comms

Major League Sports Franchise

Fullintel’s media monitoring and measurement framework from Fullintel means my team gets that time back, so they can focus on more important things.

Sr. Comms Executive

Major Food Delivery Service

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