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Fullintel Releases Widescreen Briefs

Fullintel has developed a new way to read and present your media briefs. Our goal is to present the most beautiful, and customizable briefs in the industry, and with the release of Widescreen Briefs, you can use more visual real-estate and imagery to tell your story. (Click to learn more)

PR News

Trending Dashboards Powered by PredictiveAI™

In March 2022, Fullintel released its first edition of PredictiveAI, now, we’ve released the next phase, with Trending Dashboards. Take control of your media analyses, and see how topics are rising and falling in the news, and further, identify what themes are going to play-out best in the media over the next 24 – 48 hours. (Click to learn more).

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Podcast Monitoring by Fullintel

Not sure how your brand is fairing on Podcasts, or not even sure where to start? More than 64% of people now listen to podcasts. If your firm isn’t paying attention to conversations on Podcasts, you may be in for a rude awakening, add podcast monitoring to your toolset and track these important digital conversations. (Click to learn more)

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