Social Media Analytics
Understand your audience and measure social media engagement with your brand.
Manage Your Reputation On All Social Media Platforms

Manage Your Reputation On All Social Media Platforms

Fullintel’s social media analysis cuts through noise to distill the social media engagement that matters to your organization. Easily track mentions of your brand, key people, influencers, competitors, products, and campaigns with next-generation analytics tools and metrics including deep sentiment analysis, audience demographics, and influencer engagement.

Analyze The Influencers That Move Your Industry

Get detailed insights on the go-to and up-and-coming influencers shaping your industry across any social media platform, including contact information for one-click engagement. Track momentum with deep insights on influencer engagement rate and audience makeup.


Evaluate Campaign Performance In Real Time

We’ll dig deep into specific events, campaigns, or other social media initiatives in real time to inform current and future social media strategies and help drive growth. Stunning data visualization tools help you easily measure and benchmark campaign impact.

Social Media Channels

Don’t see the social channel you want? Let us know! Fullintel’s teams of expert curators can monitor virtually any social media platform you require upon request.