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Fullintel’s Social Media Impact Report highlights over 5 days of social media mentions and stories that impact your brand. Your team’s Social Media Impact Report will be curated by our AMEC analysts summarizing only mentions and stories that matter to you.

Report Includes:

  • Over 5 days of social media coverage
  • Top 25 mentions and stories
  • Monitor up to 3 social media channels Including Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Reddit
  • Track up to 3 competitors
  • Expertly-scored article sentiment & media reach summary
  • Executive-ready on Mobile and Desktop

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    Social Media Listening

    No Noise, No Gaps,
    Only Mentions That Matter

    Our expert human social media curators track any social media platform you require to manage your brand’s online reputation without the noise of irrelevant content from a fully automated SaaS solution. Get social media stories that matter earlier and respond faster with confidence.

    Access Social Networks Unavailable On Automated
    SaaS Tools

    Get past API restricted channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok with our AMEC-certified media analysts monitoring your social media channels. With deep knowledge of your organization, industry, and competitors; our analysts will deliver the full social media landscape for your brand.

    Media Coverage Report

    Optimize Costs &
    Improve Efficiency

    Save over 30% on social media monitoring costs compared to in-house or agency and benefit. Our Social Media Impact Reports are executive-ready and mobile friendly, completely customized to your needs including metrics, audience demographics, and media reach.

    AMEC Award-Winning Team And Platform

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