Consolidating and Improving Live Event Media Measurement for an Established Medical Thought Leader

The Client

The client, a global leader in eye health in more than 60 countries, recently presented important research and innovation results at the 2022 American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Previous attempts to analyze conference coverage through a multitude of other vendors had been fractured, inconsistent, and not very helpful. With this in mind, the client requested that Fullintel monitor owned and earned coverage of the company and its competitors in traditional and social media during the event using a consistent methodology across all content.

The company’s goal was to build a program allowing for consistent, clean measurement of media data around its many conferences and similar events. The company also wanted to have the tools to consistently track, measure, and benchmark success for future events across social and traditional media.

Fullintel proposed a consistent and templated reporting approach to event measurement to provide accurate one-off results for single events and campaigns, along with comparable and repeatable metrics to allow for the comparison of media performance between various events, to track effectiveness and progress.


At a glance:

Many companies aspire to be thought leaders in their industry through expert content creation, media engagement, and public speaking. Our client – already an established thought leader in its industry – aimed to bolster this reputation by presenting important original research at a well-known industry conference.

But the client’s PR team didn’t have the bandwidth or proper tools to accurately drill down into the brand impact of its presentation. Fullintel implemented its flexible event monitoring package – which includes around-the-clock human curation of traditional and social media and expertly curated analysis reports on any event, from earnings calls to conferences – to gauge the company’s return on investment (ROI).

Fullintel’s media intelligence ultimately provided so much value that the company now relies on us to benchmark impact around every important public event with which it’s involved.

The Solution

Fullintel implemented an analyst-curated campaign report delivered following the event, underpinned by event-related mentions of the company and its competitors. Coverage and social posts from immediately before, during, and a few days following the event (a total of two months’ worth of coverage) were used to provide a large sample size and show how coverage and sentiment trends may have changed over time.

The report was designed to illustrate any notable insights from relevant owned and earned media coverage and social media surrounding the company and its competitors. To keep observations sharp and the data manageable, traditional coverage was limited to a collection of top trade and business publications preferred by the client, with a trade media dashboard implemented to benchmark and contrast media impact pertaining to the ASCRS presentation.

Traditional media metrics were to include volume, reach, sentiment, average MIS, top journalists, top key sources, top opinion leaders, business line share of voice, and competitive share of voice (SOV). Social media analysis included metrics such as volume, reach, sentiment, average MIS, and top posts by engagements.

The client’s expertly-curated analysis report was to include integrated traditional and social analysis presented side-by-side. This was to show consistency and allow the client to easily gauge the interplay of social and traditional content, along with the impact of key opinion leaders.

The Deliverables

Implementation of the project – including setting up keywords, categorizing content, and gauging sentiment – was relatively fast and easy, as the company was already a Fullintel client.

Specific implementation elements included:

  1. Owned plus earned media: Fullintel tracked a combination of owned media – including the client’s social media accounts and news releases – and earned media.
  2. A broad net of media types: The content set included online news, newspapers, blogs, newsletters, newswires, broadcasts, magazines, journals, and other online content along with data from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Facebook and LinkedIn were manually monitored by media analysts.
  3. Key source list: To ensure the highest degree of relevance, coverage was only evaluated from a key source list of trade and business publications verified by the client.
  4. Share of Voice (SOV): SOV of the client vs. its competitors, the client’s two product lines, key topics, and other elements was conducted for both traditional and social media.
  5. Media Impact Score (MIS): Fullintel’s Media Impact Score measured both the quality and frequency of coverage. MIS weights metrics such as reach, sentiment, prominence, key messages, and other factors to indicate impact in traditional media. Please contact Fullintel for more information on how our MIS score is calculated.
  6. Spokesperson quotes: The frequency and quality of spokesperson quotes, a key indicator of brand prominence within coverage, were also tracked.

The Result

Fullintel’s consolidated social and traditional media intelligence helped the client better understand its brand’s visibility and audience, its standing in relation to competitors, and the quality of its coverage around the ASCRS Annual Meeting.

Most importantly, Fullintel helped the team meet its goal of devising a process to allow for the consistent measurement of media data around conferences and similar live events – including tracking social media sentiment and brand mentions down to the minute, to see which elements of the event drew the most reaction (and the most positive or negative sentiment). The company can now consistently benchmark the success of past, current, and future events across social and traditional media.

The client’s director of global communications says Fullintel’s data helped the company focus on increasing public and media awareness – which, ultimately, helped increase sales and market share. Fullintel’s SOV metrics are reported to the entire executive team, including the company’s chairman.

“Prior to Fullintel, we relied on different vendors to provide these metrics for conferences and other events, which isn’t very consistent. There were multiple hands on it,” said the director of global communications.

“Fullintel provided a consistent, holistic report that was more efficient and consistent than media analysis reports we’ve gotten in the past, and that gives us consistent measurement we can use to benchmark against future events.”

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