Web Application

Dashboard Media Intelligence

All of your media monitoring coverage and PR analysis in a single powerful dashboard.

Bell Mac Report

Media Monitoring and Analysis reports on-demand


Save Hours Of Manual Reporting

Create real-time media intelligence dashboards that your executives and other internal stakeholders will love.


Be Immediately, Up-To-Date

Your Fullintel analyst will hand-pick the day’s top stories, and flag them for you so you don’t have to do the sifting through and can immediately get up to speed on the overnight news cycle.


Continuous Improvement

From a dashboard view, see all media coverage across print, online, broadcast TV and radio, social and other sites as you’ve requested, and continually optimize your campaigns.


Personalized Topic Monitoring

Allow your team members to track and review issues that matter most to them, when and where they want them.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Use the dashboards to make well informed business decisions and educate your internal stakeholders on the success of your PR initiatives.

Fully Branded

Customize your dashboards with your logo and style via our white-label option, to reflect and promote your brand.

Direct Access

Give executives and team members access to their customized dashboards by giving them each dedicated logins.

Share To Social Media

Socialize particular articles via your connected social media sites including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Other Offerings from us

Report via Mail


Receive graphic-rich, and mobile friendly email briefs delivered to your inbox before the business day begins. You won’t want to miss these.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Get a real time analysis on what’s important at any given time, right at your fingertips.

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