Media Monitoring: A Buyer's Guide

The benefits of human curated media monitoring and crisis monitoring

Download Fullintel’s media monitoring buyer’s guide to learn about the benefits media monitoring and crisis monitoring provides organizations, and what exactly to look for when evaluating providers of media monitoring, crisis monitoring, or media analysis services.

In this buyer’s guide, you will learn:

  • What is media monitoring, how it evolved, and why it’s crucial in the digital age
  • Why fully automated media monitoring and crisis monitoring can result in a double negative of missed media hits and mountains of irrelevant results
  • Why fully automated monitoring can ultimately cause erosion of client-provider trust as PR teams spend time fixing mistakes

We explore exactly what is media monitoring, what parts make sense to automate and which ones don’t, and why human curated media monitoring and crisis monitoring ultimately provides the most value.

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    Buyer's Guide

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    Media Monitoring

    Get a view of your coverage across all channels including online news, broadcast, social, radio, and even premium subscription services

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    Daily News Briefs

    Daily media coverage highlights and summarized insights, hand picked for relevancy and delivered to your inbox at the start of your day.

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    Media Analysis

    Leverage the expertise of your dedicated Fullintel analyst for interpretation of your coverage and the impact on your brand.