Coachella 2024

For the first year ever, Coachella didn’t sell out.

And yet it’s still an undisputed truth that the festival remains a top global event, with over 35,000 media mentions in the month of April alone.

As the dust settles on another electrifying weekend at Coachella, the festival’s second installment proved just as enthralling as the first. From surprise performances to fashion statements and heartfelt moments, here’s a breakdown of the top headlines from Coachella 2024’s second weekend.

Despite the spectacle, Coachella 2024 faced its share of challenges. Technical issues with music sets occasionally disrupted the flow, yet attendees, perhaps less focused on the music itself, seemed more intent on capturing moments for social media, reflecting the evolving landscape of festival culture.

Musical Collaborations and Surprises

Weekend two saw an array of unexpected collaborations and surprise appearances that left audiences buzzing. Lana Del Rey stole the spotlight when she brought out Camila Cabello during her set, delivering a performance that had fans clamoring for more. Similarly, Kevin Abstract and Lil Nas X premiered their new track “Tennessee,” delighting crowds with their dynamic stage presence.

Tyler, the Creator also made waves by inviting Earl Sweatshirt to join him on stage, while Peso Pluma surprised festival-goers with appearances by Anitta and Eslabon Armado. These collaborations added an extra layer of excitement to an already vibrant lineup.

Fashion Forward Moments

Coachella has always been a playground for fashion enthusiasts, and this year was no different. From bold statements to subtle nods, attendees, and artists showcased their individual styles with flair. Lana Del Rey exuded dark glamour in back-to-back black ensembles, complete with a custom ‘Lana’ belt, while Megan Fox and Shakira turned heads with their stylish festival looks.

Special Moments and Highlights

Beyond the music and fashion, Coachella 2024 was also filled with heartfelt moments and significant milestones. Maya Jama and Stormzy sparked engagement rumors with their sizzling chemistry under the California sun, while Gwen Stefani shared sweet backstage moments with her son Apollo and partner Blake Shelton.

Additionally, Sid Sriram made history as the first South Indian artist to perform at Coachella, reflecting on the “beautiful blur” of playing at such an iconic festival. Meanwhile, Damon Albarn hinted that Blur’s performance might mark their last gig, adding a bittersweet note to the weekend’s festivities.

Looking Ahead

As Coachella 2024 comes to an end, it leaves in its wake a trail of unforgettable performances, fashion highlights, and cherished memories – all captured and shared across TikTok and Reels. Despite uncertainties looming over the future of US festivals in the post-pandemic era, Coachella persists as a cultural phenomenon, generating viral moments and social media frenzy.

Whether it’s the surprise guest appearances, avant-garde fashion statements, or the palpable sense of community and camaraderie, Coachella remains an iconic annual event – one that continually evolves to meet the expectations of its audience. 

After all, the first gig ever held at Coachella was by Pearl Jam in 1993 when they were boycotting Ticketmaster.

Angus Nguyen, a marketing leader and adept social content creator, is fueled by a dual passion for gastronomy and public relations. Armed with a background in delivering data-driven insights to global brands, he skillfully applies cross-industry strategies to craft meticulous content plans and engaging strategies.