Hwak Tuah

Fame has a new companion, and her name is Hailey Welch. 

When friends ask me what PR is, often assuming it’s just about writing scripts for celebrities and spokespeople, I explain that it’s really about amplifying voices. PR training encompasses various techniques, but authenticity is crucial for conveying the right messages and connecting with people in meaningful ways.

Finding charismatic individuals with authentic voices is critical — that’s why I believe Hailey has gone so viral globally. Reports even suggest she’s set to star in a reality TV series. This is the perfect opportunity to capitalize on her likeability and fame, showcasing her life and lifestyle in rural Belfast, Tennessee.

A Brief Overview of the “Hawk Tuah” Trend

“Hawk Tuah” began with a street interview where Hailey authentically responded with a raunchy answer, infused with Southern twang and charm, unwittingly sparking a viral meme. The video, launched on June 11th, ignited a global trend, especially on TikTok and Twitter.

As is natural with anything that blows up on the internet, there was also a lot of resulting misinformation about Hailey, saying that she was the daughter of a preacher who lost her teaching job as a result of the video. She fact-checks these rumors on a podcast with Plan Bri Uncut, clarifying that she works (or worked, pre-fame) in a spring factory and that her father is “so far from a preacher it’s crazy.”

Total Engagement: The trend generated significant engagement across multiple platforms, with TikTok and Twitter leading the charge.

Other Brands are Being Boosted by the Trend

Users are sharing other instances of “Hawk Tuah” from movies (like the Gingy scene from Shrek below) and Missy Elliot’s song, Get Ur Freak On, which has also seen a streaming boost for her lyrics that include Hawk Tuah in the 2001 hit song.

Hwak Tuah

What is the General Sentiment Around the Trend?

The sentiment surrounding “Hawk Tuah” is diverse, reflecting the varied reactions of the online community.

Neutral Sentiment: Predominantly neutral, with many users sharing the trend without strong emotional tones, accounting for the majority of posts. A large number of posts are satirical, using the quote to reframe different situations like ways to progress on the corporate ladder.

Negative Sentiment: A notable portion of the audience expressed strong disapproval, labeling it the “worst meme of all time.” These posts received significant attention, highlighting the polarizing nature of the trend. 

Positive Sentiment: Many users showed support for Hailey Welch, appreciating the humor and simplicity of the meme. I personally believe her southern charm and twang has helped catapult her to stardom.

Key Themes and Public Reaction

Several key themes emerged from the media coverage:

Viral Fame: Discussions on how sudden internet fame has impacted Hailey Welch’s life, often highlighting her initial attempts to stay out of the limelight by retreating to rural Tennessee. With her recent appearance on stage with Luke Bryan and her upcoming feature at the Calgary Stampede, it’s clear that she’s going international.

Public Reaction: The trend sparked a wide range of public opinions, from strong dislike to admiration. This dichotomy was evident in both social media posts and news articles. 

Celebrity Interactions: Interactions with celebrities such as Dave Portnoy and Zach Bryan (bringing her on stage at a concert) played a significant role in amplifying the trend’s visibility.

Influencers and Key Sources

Influencers were pivotal in the spread of “Hawk Tuah.” Notable contributors included:

  • Barstool Sports: Consistently posted about the trend, generating substantial engagement. Their posts often received the highest number of interactions. 
  • TaraBull: Defended Welch amidst the backlash, with her posts gaining significant attention and support. 
  • Other Influencers: Various public figures and influencers contributed to the trend by commenting or sharing related content.

Demographics and Geographical Spread

The trend’s reach was extensive, with high engagement from the United States and many international regions.

Primary Audience: Predominantly a younger demographic, likely teens to young adults, active on platforms like TikTok and Twitter. 

Geographical Concentration: The highest engagement was observed in the United States, indicating strong domestic interest in the trend.


The “Hawk Tuah” trend is a testament to the unpredictable nature and potential of viral content. 

It captivated a wide audience, sparked varied reactions, and highlighted the influence of key figures and platforms in shaping public discourse. By analyzing the media and social media coverage, we gain valuable insights into the dynamics of viral trends and their impact on individuals like Hailey Welch. This comprehensive analysis not only underscores the mixed reception of “Hawk Tuah” but also offers a glimpse into the complex world of internet fame.

Angus Nguyen, a marketing leader and adept social content creator, is fueled by a dual passion for gastronomy and public relations. Armed with a background in delivering data-driven insights to global brands, he skillfully applies cross-industry strategies to craft meticulous content plans and engaging strategies.