Do you remember the warning of Prof. Stephen Hawking? He warned us that “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” And to our surprise, it’s happening. People are talking that AI is more artificial than intelligence and that’s what we covered this week. If you are still thinking to use AI for your business, probably you will change your mind after checking our Marcom Intelligence newsletter.

Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Minus The Intelligence

AI is the latest buzz around the tech world. People are excited about the cutting edge technology that can mimic cognitive functions like decision making and learning. We now have a robot that’s an expert at due diligence, and other that does document automation. The only problem however, is to teach a robot to be just and fair. How do we teach a machine to be fair and compassionate, when fellow humans are grappling with the exact same concept? So, in effect, AI – just artificial minus the intelligence?

What The New CMO Reality?

The competition is tough for the CMOs. They have to deal with the increased expectations of driving growth in a digital market. Perhaps, that is why they have stopped getting involved in the development process; instead, focusing on short term goals. What are the other expectations from the CMO?

Andrew is Co-Founder and President of Fullintel. His 25-plus years of media intelligence experience helps large organizations and Fortune 1000 companies such as Textron, AAA, Clorox, Kraft Heinz, MUFG, and Bell plan and implement day-to-day and crisis media monitoring and analysis strategies and best practices. He also co-founded dna13, the world’s first software-as-a-service media monitoring platform, which was eventually acquired by PR Newswire.