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Social Media for PR: Is It Necessary?

Thanks to social media, public relation has changed in a major way. You don’t have to wait until the morning newspaper for the latest scoop- Twitter delivers minute by minute updates directly to your phone! Businesses create and craft their image on social media. Yet, there are many that choose to remain out of all this. They’ve managed their reputation wonderfully without social media, by word of mouth and by limiting their presence to a small circle. So is social media always necessary for public relations?

Can PR Drive Sales And Marketing?

Remember the guy from My Big Fat Greek Wedding? He had a cure for every problem- Windex! PR people are kinda similar- for them, there’s nothing that a good PR strategy cannot do! Can it drive sales and marketing? Of yes it can! How?

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Patrick is a Strategic Account Manager at Fullintel, and has a keen interest in brand management and statistical media analysis. Patrick brings his B2B software sales skills and background in communications to his dealings with all clients and enjoys pursuing his passion for writing and PR in his spare time.