Every business is vulnerable to a PR crisis. The days of playing ostrich, hiding your head in the sand, and expecting the issue to go away – are gone. You can try, but your investors will not be forgiving or understanding you because they’ve watched what happened with Samsung Galaxy Note 7. If you don’t prepare for any crisis, you will suffer more damage. Let us help you with this. We are an expert in monitoring your industry happenings and crisis before they become big news.

The Samsung Note 7 Controversy: Don’t Write The Obituaries Yet!

We live in a world where social media can ruin your brand in less than an hour. This is particularly true about a product recall disaster – not many companies have lived to tell their tales. But surprisingly, Samsung has managed to come out of such a public debacle seemingly unscathed. So how did this tech giant manage to execute their ‘Plan B’ effectively?

Here’s How to Measure Influencer Marketing Success and Receive ROI

As we’ve discussed in the past, influencer marketing is the most potent marketing strategy out there. From clothes and cosmetics to technology, influencer marketing helps to sell almost everything. In fact, a recent study found that an average influencer marketing campaign receives around $6.85 in earned media value for every dollar spent on paid media. But how will you show real ROI to your clients?

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