For the past week, we’ve been witnessing lots of ads based on the Super Bowl. This was not only exciting for us but also for the public relations industry. Thinking why? The big game is not just a platform for creative ads, but for all of the public relations and marketing that surrounds the broadcast at the game and elsewhere. So, who made influence through the Super Bowl? Want to get similar updates without any hitch?

Five Takeaways From The Zika Crisis

Last year was declared an international public health crisis, by the WHO. Above all, this crisis taught us the need for enhanced corporate safety and health communications. This was especially true for companies with operations in Zika zones and for those traveling to at-risk areas. They were not sure (and are probably still unsure) about the implications of this outbreak. Some of these companies are yet to devise a strategy to help and educate impacted staff. So what are the lessons that corporate companies have to learn from the Zika Virus and how will these lessons impact future communication strategies?

Super Bowl And Its Impact on Influencer Marketing

The Super Bowl is synonymous with huge advertisements and larger than life marketing efforts. But, over the years, it has also become the go to place for small marketers and micro-influencers. Case in point, the numerous watch parties and tailgates surrounding the Super Bowl. So how did this happen?


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