How to measure the impact of your public relations program

Measuring the impact of a public relations campaign is anything but easy. For one, the impact is neither immediate nor tangible. Lisa Alloca, Co-founder of Red Javelin has found that firms that integrate their PR and content marketing programs are more likely to experience brand visibility and sell more products. Those that rely only on content often reach a plateau, whereas those that invest only on public relations also find a similar saturation.

The Typical Challenges Faced by A CMO

Did you know that the average tenure of CMOs is not more than 42 months? Such a short tenure can nothing be stressful. Why do CMOs struggle to stay on their job? Why are they stressed? Why do they let go? Still, there are some that are successful? What are the things that they do differently?

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Patrick is a Strategic Account Manager at Fullintel, and has a keen interest in brand management and statistical media analysis. Patrick brings his B2B software sales skills and background in communications to his dealings with all clients and enjoys pursuing his passion for writing and PR in his spare time.