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PR professionals have been very busy this year. They learned lots of lessons and all of them are worth to be included in the upcoming PR strategies. Some of the memorable moments include…

From the United Airlines fiasco to the Pepsi disaster, we have seen more than our share of PR disasters. Among the ones that taught us the most includes the Wall Street Journal explaining us ‘The Best Ways to Manage a Demanding Boss.’ The news story tells you how to manage a demanding boss. And then there was this story that ran on The New York Times about newsroom changes. The biggest lesson from this is that too many PR pros adhere to belief that have been proven to be ineffective.

The Dark Side Of A PR Crisis…

The recent PR crisis at EA, the video game company showed us how a PR crisis can affect business. The crisis had all the elements of all the things that can go wrong during a crisis – customers rallying, unwanted press attention, brand apology, backpedaling, and more. It all began with the company announcing a new game called Star Wars Battlefront II, wherein in-game purchases designed to enhance user experience. And players could get the same advantage without paying only if they spent time grinding through the game.

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