Dashboards aren’t new, but what we can do with them in the near future will be. 

In early February, Fullintel released its first phase of its dashboards overhaul to prepare for delivery of a suite of new metrics and methods of looking at industries at scale.

We called this phase “Trending Dashboards“. It included a new graphics suite and a host of new functionality into our real-time platform, Fullintel Hub, with a goal of helping our customers make quick decisions about the nature of their brands – especially when managing a crisis, or directing a campaign.

This new functionality goes beyond simple share of voice analysis. We help our clients dive much deeper into key messages delivered, the trending nature of the content (how far and wide it is spreading or could spread), and the sources and authors making the greatest impact.

Fullintel released its PredictiveAI™ to the market, one of the first AI-driven PR tools available to the communications industry, last March. This year we’ve taken the powerful predictive signals from this AI tool and transformed it into data visualizations that help define what topics and brands are reaching audiences most effectively. 

New Features to Drive Your Insights

  • Rich Data Exports: Export your data the way you want with PDF, Powerpoint, and .CSV exports. Our new Powerpoint exports include customizable charts and graphs that can apply your brand colors automatically and are exported with live data, so you can modify, merge, or reformat the data in any way you need. 
  • Presentation Mode: Take control of your dashboard when presenting to colleagues by using Fullintel’s new expanded presentation mode to share results with your team.
  • Global Dashboard Filters: Don’t fiddle with tricky charts and complicated layouts – just apply your filters and review your data quickly.
  • White Glove Curation: Fullintel builds and manages your dashboards for you, including human curation, data cleaning, and pagination of the charts you need to tell your data story. We support the data and your experience. You drive your conclusion.

  • PredictiveAI™ Trending Dashboards: Tracking all trending stories in your industry in one place, and evaluating which have the greatest chance of impacting your brand negatively.

PredictiveAI™ is like Radar, and We’re in 1935 Right Now

New signals and metrics can help better evaluate the lay of the land. One historical tidbit that’s important to remember in the context of using AI tools such as ChatGPT is the invention of radar. 

The story of radar began before the US Civil War, when in 1864 a Scottish mathematical physicist James Clerk Maxwell proposed a comprehensive theory of electromagnetism. These equations didn’t have tools to evaluate this theory in the real world, but in 1886 another researcher, Heinrich Hertz, validated that theory by identifying a signal bouncing back from something. 

Now, just having a signal doesn’t mean much. By 1935, however, these signals could be used at scale, identifying the position of weather and aircraft in the night sky. Non-military applications for weather tracking also helped governments create the airline industry, and also shoot planes out of the sky before they could drop bombs in wartime.

Today, with tools such as ChatGPT, we can summarize enormous volumes of information and come to interesting conclusions. Applying this technology at scale against specific information spaces (generative AI and machine learning-powered reviews of online and social media content), will help us learn more, and faster, about the changing nature of public perception.

We’ll also be able to more accurately identify which campaigns are floating around out there, and will have a greater ability to see how the language used by reporters and the public evolves as news stories, and campaign messaging, proliferate.

These new features will help us better visualize our PredictiveAI™ signal. In turn, these features will help you identify which topics are flying around that you may not have noticed – along with which ones are preparing to drop bombs.