Event Monitoring

Monitor for mentions of your
during an event

Whether it’s your earnings day, attending a tradeshow, launching a new product, or another event, it’s important that your organization monitors for relevant mentions to understand the impact the event is having on your brand.

Analyst-curated event monitoring includes:

  • Monitoring for coverage leading up to, during, and after the event
  • Multiple coverage reports delivered daily throughout the week
  • Analysis report at the end of the event – providing key takeaways

Get curated coverage

Your analyst will hand-pick the stories surrounding the event that matter most. Whether it be social, print, online, or broadcast.


Be informed without reading every article

Quickly scan trending coverage results surrounding the event to gauge the perception of your organization and the success of your event.


Review effectiveness of efforts

Understand how effective your event was across all media channels and easily showcase these important results with stakeholders.

No irrelevant mentions

Your Fullintel analyst fully reviews all content, selecting only relevant, event-related mentions, transforming them into insights that are quick to read and easy to understand.


Delivered at the exact time you specify

Delivered to your inbox throughout the day. Our analysts work 24/7 and are able to provide results on demand.


Narrative on results

Your analyst will review and interpret the data collected, providing a narrative on exactly what the results mean for your business.

Media Impact Report

The Media Impact Report is an in-depth overview of the coverage you receive during an event. The insights and features you will gain from a media impact report include:

  • Original article image (if available)
  • Publication source and journalist
  • Analyst summary
  • An estimate of audience reach
  • List of syndicated sources
  • Potential reach including syndicated articles
  • List of stories related to the same topic

Analyze and showcase your results

Fullintel analysts dig deep into the mentions that you earned during the event and those of your competitors to provide comprehensive media analysis. Analyzing only relevant data, your Fullintel analyst will supplement quantitative insights with a qualitative explanation, applying a contextual narrative to your mentions.

  • Based only on clean data; no noise or irrelevant mentions
  • Customizable charts and graphs that adapt as your coverage does
  • Delivered via branded, executive-ready report templates or on Fullintel’s web and mobile applications
  • Fullintel analysts supplement the data with insights based on their day-to-day awareness of your media footprint

Our other services

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Media Analysis

Leverage the expertise of your dedicated Fullintel analyst for interpretation of your coverage and the impact on your brand.

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