Deliverable Description
Daily, expertly-curated news briefs Granular monitoring of products, respective competitor products, and niche industry mentions across all mediums including social, niche, paywalled, broadcast, and others. Micro-level focus including all relevant metrics and statistics applied to each mention.
Daily public affairs reports A group-wide report that covers major, relevant PA topics for everyone’s awareness, including current events, regulatory news, access to medicines, drug pricing, politics/policy, and return to work.
Monthly, expertly-curated media analysis reports Granular, deep, analyst-curated qualitative and quantitative analysis of each line’s respective media footprint across multiple lenses, segmented by brand/product line within each therapeutic line, along with competitive analysis.
Ad-hoc event and crisis media monitoring and analysis Client may at any time request analyst-curated news briefs, curated analysis reports, and manually curated near-real-time alerts on the topic of their choice.
SaaS platform access

Access to:

  • Fullintel’s web app, including an expertly-curated and tagged archive of all relevant mentions across all mediums. Acts as a digital library/report building suite including only curated, vetted content.
  • LexisNexis Newsdesk, a real-time monitoring and analysis search engine for real-time keyword-based search and dashboarding.