CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – March 07, 2018 – Fullintel, one of the top media monitoring and analysis firms, published a comprehensive media coverage report on HAI HELI-EXPO 2018. Taking place from February 26th to March 1st, the show drew more than 20,000 rotor industry professionals and over 700 competitive exhibitors. HAI HELI-EXPO also hosted 20,000 potential buyers and nearly 60 different helicopters on the convention floor. Gaining coverage from around the world, the show scored thousands of mentions in the media this year.

Fullintel’s HAI HELI-EXPO media coverage report provides a curated, big picture summary of the impact that the show’s attendees registered across global media sources. The report delves into article prominence, messages communicated, and other key variables. “This analysis report stands as a media barometer for the shows activities and is recommended where a complete understanding of the impact of media coverage is required,” said Andrew Koeck, Co-founder and President of Fullintel.

Fullintel’s media analysts curated more than 2,045 stories from both traditional and social media to study the complete media impact of the show. The analysis also involved collating and analyzing more than one million impressions across Twitter and online content to ensure a holistic overview of this year’s coverage. The report highlights the top seven companies that registered the highest media coverage, information about top journalists covering the show, and the impact of major announcements. It also includes a detailed sentiment analysis of stories on the show.

Using graphical representation, the report also analyzes key messages, major activities, share of voice, and many more relevant metrics.

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