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As Christmas approaches, it’s clear that while blockbuster movies and TV shows influence gift choices, innovative toys often outshine those tied to well-known franchises. This year, we’ve analyzed over 180 toys from top lists to uncover the most popular trends in the toy market.

Key Findings from Toy Market Analysis:

Top Toy Lists

1. Innovation Over Brand Recognition: Despite the allure of $1 Billion franchises, innovative toys are more sought after than those from famous IPs (Intellectual Properties) like movies or TV shows.

2. Top Toy Lists Analysis: Our team at Fullintel reviewed five major toy lists, identifying key trends and standouts, including five toys and one brand that dominated the market.

3. IP-Backed Toys’ Popularity: While toys associated with IPs like Barbie, Paw Patrol, Ninja Turtles, and Star Wars were prevalent, no single toy from these franchises overwhelmingly dominated the lists.

Top Toys of the Year:

1. Nostalgia Hits a High Note: The Furby, a 90s icon, made a remarkable comeback, appearing on four major best-toy lists.

2. Interactive Toys Steal the Spotlight: The Bitzee Interactive Digital Pet, resembling a Furby but with advanced interactive features, ranked second.

3. Emerging Brands on the Rise: Moose Toys, despite being a younger company, had a significant presence across the lists, outshining even LEGO in terms of innovative offerings.

Additional Insights:

The Surprising Minority of IP-Linked Toys: Only 30% of the top toys were linked to existing intellectual properties, indicating a shift in consumer preferences.

IP Related Toys

LEGO’s Cultural Impact: Despite not focusing on LEGO’s financial aspects, its cultural significance is undeniable, with over 55,000 media mentions in recent months, highlighting its popularity.

Number of Mentions


This analysis reveals that while IP-related toys maintain steady interest, the real winners are innovative and nostalgic toys. The balance of in-store presence, digital marketing, and social media engagement will ultimately determine their success. Stay tuned for next year’s review, where we’ll continue to explore the intersection of intellectual property and beloved toys.

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