Genesys Levels Up Its Media Analysis Reporting by Consolidating Global Coverage and Adding Deep Value Metrics

“Everyone at Fullintel feels like an extension of my team here at Genesys. The team at Fullintel is super valuable to me and my ability to do my job—they’re super flexible, responsive, and help me solve problems.”

– Rachel Faulkner Perez, VP of External Communications, Genesys

The Client

Menlo Park, Calif.-based Genesys is a global leader in cloud customer experience and contact center solutions and is a provider of cloud-based contact center software, customer management solutions, and AI sales assistant technology. The 6,000-plus employee firm operates across more than 100 countries and seven continents.

At a glance:

Genesys, a large omnichannel customer experience and contact center solutions company, had experienced difficulties reconciling its previous media monitoring and analysis outputs from more than a dozen agencies across several regions. It also didn’t have good visibility into the quality of its coverage.

The company tried implementing fully automated media monitoring to help scale its PR measurement program, but this only ended up inundating the company’s PR team with large amounts of irrelevant data.

Fullintel worked with Genesys to use human curation combined with semi-automated monitoring processes to improve accuracy and the consistency of media monitoring and analysis data across several regions. Fullintel also implemented deep quality metrics, such as our Media Impact Score (MIS), to demonstrate coverage quality.

The impact of this change is widespread. Instead of being inundated, the data is valued and acts as a key input for global strategic direction.

The Challenge

Genesys had previously experienced several serious media monitoring and analysis problems that had led its Vice-President, External Communications Rachel Faulkner Perez, to lose faith in the accuracy of the data delivered by previous media monitoring solutions.

These challenges included:

  • Consolidating coverage from numerous regions: At one point the company employed nearly 20 PR agencies for measurement and monitoring in various regions, each with their own processes. This led to data inconsistencies and a lack of a true apples-to-apples comparison when evaluating coverage from different regions.

    “We really had to clean up a lot of organizational opaqueness,” says Faulkner Perez.

  • Irrelevant and missing results: Genesys’s foray into the world of fully automated media monitoring led to large amounts of irrelevant hits—”Genesys” is a relatively common brand name, after all—which required several hours of an internal team member’s day just to clean the data. It also led to several instances of missed coverage.

  • Coverage quality: The Genesys team received high-level reach numbers on its and its competitors’ coverage with past providers, but was essentially blind to the quality of much of that coverage—especially compared to its competitors.

  • Multilingual coverage: Previous providers sometimes had difficulty sourcing multilingual coverage from various regions, and the coverage that was included in reports wasn’t translated.

    “At times we were using Google Translate to see how we were faring,” she says.

“It was a complete time suck. We didn’t have the headcount to spend that kind of time on the data, but without someone that lives and breathes it, you’re left with not a lot of confidence.”

The Solution

Fullintel consolidated multiple regions’ worth of coverage and data into one repeatable, consistent process across the organization’s many business units and headquarters, helping Genesys accurately benchmark against past results based on clean and trustworthy data.

  • This was accomplished through a combination of our AMEC-award winning human curation and analysis, including the implementation of three different media analysis reports (delivered weekly, monthly, and quarterly).

  • These reports were supplemented by the Fullintel Hub media monitoring platform featuring an intuitive, near-real-time media coverage dashboard.  

  • Fullintel’s Media Impact Score was implemented and cross tabulated against other data points, such as coverage volume and key messages.

  • Faulkner Perez says she relies primarily on Fullintel’s weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports, but uses the media coverage dashboard to quickly run or check real-time coverage numbers on an ad hoc basis.

The Deliverables

Fullintel primarily analyzes online news coverage to provide a thorough understanding of the coverage impact of Genesys and its competitors across multiple global regions and languages, to deliver a series of weekly, monthly, and quarterly analysis reports.

Fullintel evaluated the following factors, through a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques, to determine the following:

  • Trend of coverage, key messages, and key topics

  • Sentiment towards the company and competitors

  • Share of tier-one, high-quality coverage using MIS indicators

  • Comparison of average MIS between Genesys and competitors

  • Month-over-month competitive benchmarking

  • Regional analysis by sentiment, average MIS, reach, and volume

  • Top topics discussed and sentiment

  • Coverage reach across different media channels

  • Industry news and competitive senior leadership analysis

Fullintel also occasionally provides one-off, ad-hoc reports for Genesys on events such as media coverage specifically related to the company’s Scuderia Ferrari Formula One sponsorship.

The Result

The Genesys team’s goal when starting with Fullintel was to consolidate its regional coverage and processes into one unified process, along with leveling up its media measurement program to improve sophistication through deeper quality metrics.

And that’s exactly what’s happened. The data Fullintel delivers to Genesys is considered so helpful by the company’s executive team it now helps inform not just the company’s communications strategy, but also its larger business decisions across multiple global regions.

“I felt like we were just doing things very simply before, and the metrics we were using previously weren’t actually helping us have better stakeholder conversations,” says Faulkner Perez. “Fullintel’s analysis gives me insights around how we can become more efficient and work across markets more effectively.

“And that’s just so helpful for me.” 

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