Protecting brand health is a full-time job, but there’s no easy-to-digest manual to illustrate the best way of doing it – until now, that is.

That’s because the PR News Brand Reputation Summit brings together a clutch of expert speakers and thought-provoking topics to show attendees the best ways of navigating their brands through a potentially dangerous world. 

The event, previously known as the Crisis Management Summit, will feature expert-led panels, presentations, real-world case studies, networking opportunities, and interactive workshops to provide actionable insights and best practices. 

The interactive workshops, in particular, will provide hands-on learning experiences difficult to find at other events, says PR News Editorial Director Erika Bradbury. “These workshops involve group exercises, case studies, and practical activities that allow participants to apply concepts and strategies discussed during the sessions,” she explains.

The Brand Reputation Summit will feature 100-plus PR professional attendees and senior-level speakers with proven agency and brand experience, subject matter expertise, and diverse perspectives, such as:

  • Cheryl Dixon, Adjunct Professor, Columbia University
  • Sophia Marshall, SVP Communications, Comcast
  • Dave Fleet, Head of Global Digital Crisis, Edelman
  • Sarah Tute, VP of Corporate Public Relations, Four Seasons
  • Zanna Crowley, Director of Corporate Communications, Bumble

Speakers will focus on three main areas: Crisis communications and management (focused on reacting and resolving crises), brand reputation (proactively shaping and maintaining a positive brand image), and brand safety (risk prevention and prevention through brand monitoring).

All three elements are vital to effectively build, maintain, and defend an organization’s brand, Bradbury explains. “Neglecting any of these categories can leave a brand vulnerable to reputational damage,” she says. 

“It’s essential for organizations to consider all three areas in their overall brand reputation management strategy to effectively navigate risks and maintain a strong and resilient brand image.”

While the summit’s various sessions are organized by these three categories, attendees aren’t locked into traditional tracks, Bradbury points out. “They can feel free to select sessions that speak to their specific organizational needs and/or inquiries,” she adds. 

Topics to be covered at this year’s event will include:

  • Mitigating brand risks through effective crisis comms
  • Crisis preparation for small and mid-sized companies
  • Guidelines for internal and external messaging during a crisis
  • The role of accessibility in brand reputation
  • Trends/challenges in managing brand rep
  • Developing a comprehensive rep management strategy for the digital age
  • Crisis response: The first 24 hours
  • How niche communities can impact brand rep
  • Building a trust reservoir
  • Activate your employees as brand advocates
  • Managing risks associated with influencers

Fullintel, which offers award-winning crisis management and brand reputation services including PredictiveAI™ machine learning, human-curated news alerts, and customizable media impact reports, is a silver sponsor of the event.

The summit is scheduled for this coming May 23 to 24 at Dream Downtown in NYC.

Andrew is Co-Founder and President of Fullintel. His 25-plus years of media intelligence experience helps large organizations and Fortune 1000 companies such as Textron, AAA, Clorox, Kraft Heinz, MUFG, and Bell plan and implement day-to-day and crisis media monitoring and analysis strategies and best practices. He also co-founded dna13, the world’s first software-as-a-service media monitoring platform, which was eventually acquired by PR Newswire.