CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Feb 08, 2024 – Kick off the new year with a resolution to elevate your PR strategy with Fullintel’s upcoming online Measurement MasterClass, “PR Measurement: Proving Value & Improving Performance,” hosted by Fullintel Head of Insights, Angela Dwyer, this coming March 13 at 1 pm ET.

The Measurement MasterClass will empower you to set measurable goals from the start, ensuring you’re not just scrambling to demonstrate value at year’s end but continuously showcasing the impact of your media outreach and communications activities with precision.

This exclusive session will equip PR professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to implement the latest best practices and frameworks in media measurement, ensuring measurement strategies are both effective and impactful.

Led by Measurement and PR Research Expert

As a seasoned measurement expert, Angela’s unique ability to translate research into practice helps brands improve business results through data-driven, actionable insights.

During her time at PR agencies and media research firms Angela has consulted with brands across several industries, including consumer, healthcare, and automotive. She has presented and published original, award-winning research on topics such as brand recall, engagement, and trust, and presented measurement best practices to audiences across the globe at industry events from São Paulo to Berlin.

Angela also sits on several PR industry boards where she regularly contributes her deep knowledge garnered from a cross-section of academia and professional experience. Angela is the director of the Institute for Public Relations (IPR) Measurement Commission and serves on the boards of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) North Pacific District and the International Public Relations Research Conference (IPRRC).

Her contributions to the field have earned her several high-profile industry awards, including a PRNEWS People of the Year Award as a Data & Measurement Game Changer, a PRNEWS Top Women Award, and an AMEC Rising Star recognition as an innovator in communication measurement.

MasterClass Details:

  • Date & Time: Wednesday, March 13th at 1pm ET
  • Presenter: Angela Dwyer, Head of Insights, Fullintel
  • Title: PR Measurement: Proving Value & Improving Performance
  • Agenda: Exploration of measurement frameworks, best practices in PR and communications measurement, and the application of universal metrics
  • Registration: Join this transformative session at:

Why This MasterClass Matters:

In an era where data-driven decision-making is paramount, the ability to accurately measure and evaluate PR’s influence on outcomes is more crucial than ever. This MasterClass will delve into the core principles of effective measurement, covering a range of methodologies that attendees can adapt and apply within their own organizations to optimize their PR strategies.

Participants will gain insights into:

  • Establishing clear measurement objectives aligned with organizational goals
  • Selecting and applying the right metrics to assess PR effectiveness
  • Using frameworks to systematically evaluate PR impact
  • Implementing best practices to ensure continuous improvement and accountability in PR measurement

About Fullintel:

Fullintel stands at the forefront of innovation in media monitoring and intelligence, committed to providing PR and communications professionals with the tools and insights needed to navigate the complex media landscape. Our dedication to research-based solutions and best practices ensures our clients are equipped with the most advanced approaches to media measurement and analysis.

Media Contact:

Angus Nguyen