Fullintel’s Head of Insights Angela Dwyer has been named a PR News Top Women Award winner for 2023 in the Industry Champions category, for her contributions to original research that has advanced the public relations industry.

The most senior female executive at Fullintel, Dwyer has been a significant player in PR research circles for the past decade-plus.

But what stands out the most about Dwyer’s research efforts are the real-world applications. Indeed, she’s applied the findings generated by her research to her roles at agencies, research firms, and now at Fullintel to help clients across healthcare, consumer, automotive, and other verticals show the value of their PR work and make smarter business decisions. 

“Angela is truly unique in the industry,” says Fullintel CEO Andrew Koeck, who hired Dwyer as Fullintel’s Head of Insights in 2022 to lead the creation of a research-based analysis department. “She blends the rigor of academia with applied insights for the advancement of the profession, and is a strong voice that helps clients navigate the complexities of media analysis and insight generation.”

She has presented and published several original, award-winning research papers about news content that drives recall and engagement, including the identification of factors that make a reader more likely to remember a brand when exposed to news articles, with visuals topping the list. Dwyer also developed a research-based content creation formula that’s more likely to lead to positive recall.

Further published research by Dwyer has focused on trust factors for brands, the development of value-based media metrics, and how PR influences purchase intent more than advertising. 

Dwyer now leads Fullintel’s media analysis team, which regularly wows clients with their industry-specific knowledge and deep understanding of the application of research approaches to tackle specific client needs. These needs range from responding to a crisis, to showing campaign impact, to helping executives understand what moves the needle on audience trust and behavior. 

The nod from PR News comes on the heels of Dwyer – and UConn research partner Tyler Page – taking home the International Public Relations Research Conference (IPRRC)’s Arthur W. Page Center Benchmarking Award. Dwyer was also recently named an AMEC Rising Star for 2023.

The PR News Top Women Awards is an annual awards program that honors innovative and inspiring women who have made an impact on their organizations and the wider PR industry. 

This year’s cadre of winners will be honored at an awards celebration in NYC on June 7.

With 10+ Years of leadership in Marketing and Communications for Fortune 500 companies including General Electric, Subaru, and Intuit, Samuel Chen is behind Fullintel's global brand through communication initiatives, strategic partnerships, and market engagement.