Saving a large, private health-care system hundreds of hours each week on media monitoring and executive news briefs

Fullintel’s expert media curation, customizable regional data, and intuitive SaaS platform helps consolidate and simplify client’s media intelligence activities

The Client

A large, private, U.S.-based health-care system with more than 100 hospitals and clinics spread across several regions. Provides outpatient care and telemedicine services, along with primary care services including family medicine and pediatrics, and specialty care in oncology, heart/cardiovascular health, orthopedics, obstetrics/gynecology, and other areas.

Because the health system’s ten-plus geographic markets run their own PR campaigns and receive unique coverage, the corporate office places a high priority on parsing media coverage by geographic region and the ability to produce self-serve media analysis reports by region.

The Challenge

Prior to Fullintel, the client used two different providers for media monitoring and intelligence: A PR agency that delivered a daily news brief to the C-suite, and a media monitoring service tasked with capturing that day’s media content for every region in the system. This was a time-consuming, expensive, and cumbersome process:

  • Early every morning the monitoring service sent automated daily search results (typically containing hundreds of irrelevant or passing mentions) to each of the client’s regions
  • These groups then hand-selected the most relevant and valuable items from this large list of automated results
  • Regional groups would then fill in the gaps to account for missed articles
  • The regional groups would next send curated results back to the media monitoring service
  • Finally, the media monitoring service would then use the curated results to populate that morning’s news brief

It’s exhausting just thinking about it, especially considering the client receives upward of 20,000 mentions per month. The whole operation took vast amounts of needless time, leading to the client’s PR teams doing much of the manual curation themselves.

Even more concerning was that – because it was always done automatically through an aggregator – the initial automated media monitoring often led to missed content from hard-to-find sources and unreliable regional data. The deliverables also didn’t provide any media analysis metrics, mobile compatibility, or a SaaS platform to view current or past coverage. And regional managers couldn’t easily assess the impact of coverage or campaigns in their region.

Fullintel’s expert curation services have shaved several hours off our previous media monitoring process, and they’re way more accurate.

Senior executive

Large private health-care system

The Solution

Fullintel implemented a streamlined media monitoring and expert curation process, allowing the client to view all its earned media coverage within one mobile-friendly SaaS platform, supplemented by expertly-curated daily media impact reports. The Fullintel SaaS platform’s media analysis report publishing tool provides a full suite of metrics including sentiment, reach, and coverage by region, along with the ability to export data in a range of formats (including CSV or XML) for deeper dives.

All media monitoring and curation is now performed by Fullintel’s expert media analysts on one centralized platform that’s easily accessed by corporate or any of the regional offices. All content categorization and sentiment tagging is performed centrally by a dedicated team that knows the client’s business inside-out.

Having one provider that can monitor and curate our earned content by customized regions, along with a SaaS tool where we can log in and see all our coverage and do our own reporting, is incredible value for a large health-care organization like ours.

Senior executive

Large private health-care system


Fullintel’s expert curation service combines automation with high-touch manual curation, heavily cutting down on the client’s manual work each morning. PR team leads at its regional offices now don’t have to lift a finger to get accurate, expertly-curated morning media reports each day.

Other benefits of Fullintel’s consolidated approach include:

  • Viewing all coverage from Fullintel’s SaaS platform (including regional campaigns) is just as easy, while the corporate office can view current or past coverage from across the company or by regional office
  • Because all media monitoring and curation is performed by expert media analysts, problems with finding and capturing niche content not in aggregators (including local outlets in extremely small communities) is now a thing of the past
  • All daily media impact reports are easily customized by selecting any desired categories the day prior to delivery: For a Tuesday morning report, all the client needs to do is select the categories they’d like to see sometime on Monday. The next day, their morning media report will contain content from the categories they’ve selected
  • Instead of having to make a formal request to its provider, each office can also now schedule or pull ad-hoc media analysis reports with a single click

Fullintel works with several health-care organizations including large health systems and international pharmaceutical companies. Contact us today for a 30-minute, interactive demo to learn how your health-care organization can benefit from Fullintel’s expert-driven media monitoring and media intelligence services.

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