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The Top 10 U.S. Daily Newspapers

Newspaper circulations have fallen in recent years thanks to stiff online competition and declining advertising revenues. But that doesn’t mean they’re not important – far from it, in fact. Newspapers are still one of the main ways Americans find and consume news across all demographics and age groups.

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The Top 10 U.S. Magazines

Magazines in the United States date back to the middle of the 18th century, with the initial publication of Andrew Bradford’s American Magazine and, a few months later, Benjamin Franklin’s General Magazine. While neither of these publications lasted longer than a few...

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The Top 10 California Daily Newspapers

The genesis of newspapers in the Golden State dates back to 1846, with the establishment of The Californian in Monterey (its first edition was fully bilingual in English and Spanish, and announced the beginning of the Mexican-American War). Since then California has...

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The Top 10 Florida Daily Newspapers

There are several dozen daily or weekly newspapers throughout Florida, with the oldest of them founded during the height of the U.S. Civil War. Today several large daily newspapers serve the state from Miami to the Panhandle.Updated October 2019  1. Tampa Bay Times...

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The Top 10 Illinois Daily Newspapers

The first Illinois newspaper, the Illinois Herald, began publishing all the way back in 1815 and by the time of the U.S. Civil War, there were more than 300 newspapers in the state. During the 1870s that number doubled and, by 1880, there were more than 1,000...

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The Top 10 New Hampshire Daily Newspapers

Like all states along the U.S Eastern Seaboard, New Hampshire has a long and rich history with newspapers, with the oldest continuous newspaper in the country having been founded there (the bi-weekly New Hampshire Gazette, based in Portsmouth). Updated November 2019...

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The Top 10 New Jersey Daily Newspapers

Our list of top daily newspapers across New Jersey includes venerable publications dating back to 1832, such as The Star-Ledger, to newer outlets such as the South Jersey Times (founded in 2012).Updated November 2019  1. Asbury Park Press The Asbury Park Press serves...

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The Top 10 New York Daily Newspapers

Even though New York’s first-ever newspaper – The Gazette, established 1725 – only ran for 19 years before closing up shop, New York state has a rich newspaper history (as some of the founding dates on this list confirm). Today, more than two dozen daily newspapers,...

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The Top 10 Texas Daily Newspapers

Most of Texas’s original newspapers didn’t survive past the Texas Revolution against Mexico in the 1830s, with nine publishers distributing newspapers between 1819 and 1836. By the time Texas had achieved U.S. statehood in the 1840s, however, the number of newspapers...

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