It’s Measurement Month. But How Close Are We to Effective Communication Evaluation and Measurement?

Fraser Likely

With AMEC’s Measurement Month upon us, it’s a good time to review how far the worldwide PR and communication evaluation and measurement community has come in the past half dozen or so years. Certainly, as a discipline, communication evaluation and measurement is now...

Be A Savvy Buyer: Read Our Media Monitoring And Crisis Monitoring Buyer’s Guide


Choosing a media monitoring or crisis media monitoring solution can be difficult. Not only are there several platforms available to evaluate and consider, but each platform also has its own methodologies and approaches to media monitoring.  These methodologies can be...

On-Call Crisis Media Monitoring: The Special Forces of Your PR Program

Andrew Koeck

The year 1993 may have been before Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, but it was certainly no stranger to the most dreaded of all PR situations: the fast-moving crisis. That’s the year Pepsi found itself on the receiving end of a nasty rumour – one that erroneously...

The Definitive Guide: Should We Continue Measuring AVE in PR?

Andrew Koeck

If you’ve been in the PR landscape for any length of time, you have probably come across the measurement Ad Value Equivalency or Equivalent Advertising Value - AVE for short. Ad Value Equivalency is a measurement that quantifies the measure of an earned news article...

Four Steps to Success with Influencer Monitoring

Geoff Dorken

For many companies, it’s become a significant challenge to reach their target market by relying on social media and SEO alone. As a result, influencer marketing has grown in popularity as companies look for new tactics. A Linqia study found that 39% of marketers...

5 Reasons Why You Need Human-Curated Media Monitoring

Andrew Koeck

With business owners having a tremendous amount of information about their company or brand available to them, the need for effective media monitoring is now higher than ever. There are many automated media monitoring services on the market, but they aren’t a...

3 Influencer Monitoring Trends to Act On in 2018

Patrick Rhodes

Influencer marketing is not a fad or just the “cool” thing to do. It’s here to stay, and now is the time to seize the opportunity. With influencer marketing projected to grow from $2 billion in 2017 to $10 billion in 2020, it’s a must-have strategy to include as part...

How to Show Your PR Department’s Contribution to Your Bottom Line

Geoff Dorken

PR has always been one of the hardest marketing disciplines when it comes to accurately determining its Return on Investment (ROI). While many companies like to see bottom line metrics like sales, it’s important for them to look at other categories as well. PR might...

5 Strategies to Get More Out of Your Influencer Marketing

Andrew Koeck

Influencer marketing has incredible potential for most brands, yet there’s a struggle to find the right influencers and get value out of these programs. Whatever your goals for marketing are, whether it’s building consumer trust and accessing new audiences or boosting...

3 Proven Steps to Gathering High-Quality Media Intelligence

Andrew Koeck

When it comes to navigating marketing, PR, communications and even the business as a whole, high-quality media intelligence can be incredibly powerful. Despite this, the practice of gathering media intelligence is still evolving. Whether you’re looking for insight...

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