3 Steps to Identifying Social Influencers

Andrew Koeck

When it comes to current marketing strategies, brand influencers are seen as a natural fit for most brands who want to expand their reach. Influencers are seen as more effective than other marketing channels as consumers already know, like, and trust them.   While...

3 Ways for PR Pros to Get Noticed by Influencers

Andrew Koeck

Over the past decade, the world of public relations has changed dramatically. It’s no longer just about pitching publications or websites; now, the focus is on leveraging the power of influencers. To successfully get noticed and work with influencers, it starts with...

5 PR Lessons From Facebook’s Congressional Testimony

Andrew Koeck

The highly anticipated meeting of Facebook’s CEO and Founder, Mark Zuckerberg before the Congressional committee surprisingly turned into an anti-climax. Some news sites tried to decode Mark’s Zuckerberg body language; others reserved their criticism for the...

What Not To Do During A PR Crisis

Andrew Koeck

PR professionals and military personnel are much alike; they practice during peacetime to be battle-hardened during an emergency. Some even go the extent of simulating a fake PR crisis. When things are normal, the PR team can help organizations build a positive...

Facebook Woes Show Need for Crisis Comms Strategy

Andrew Koeck

The social networking giant lost more than $80 billion in stock value since the latest data scandal. But Facebook’s woes go beyond the rise and fall of stock prices and strikes right at the necessity of having a solid crisis communications strategy and team… The...

Oscars 2018: PR Lessons From Hollywood’s Biggest Night

Andrew Koeck

From Jennifer Garner’s epiphany to Jimmy Kimmel’s funny take on the envelopegate gaffe, there was plenty of entertainment this year. An Academy Award (or even a nomination for that matter) automatically translates into big bucks and an even bigger career for the...

A Complete Report on Singapore Airshow 2018 from Fullintel

Patrick Rhodes

Singapore Airshow that was held from February 06 to February 11, 2018, at Changi Exhibition Centre is Asia’s largest Airshow. This is the event where leading aerospace companies and budding players try to make their mark in the international aerospace and defence...

Public Relations In 2018!

Patrick Rhodes

Last year was a tumultuous year, yet we managed to get through unscathed. How prepared are we for 2018? If you are still unsure about what should be your PR strategy for 2018, then this newsletter is for you. Subscribe today and get to know the recent happenings of...

PR Lessons From 2017

Geoff Dorken

PR professionals have been very busy this year. They learned lots of lessons and all of them are worth to be included in the upcoming PR strategies. Some of the memorable moments include… From the United Airlines fiasco to the Pepsi disaster, we have seen more than...

Drafting A Crisis Response Statement

Patrick Rhodes

Your first formal response to a crisis sets the tone for how you are going to deal with the problem. This week, our Public Relations intelligence newsletter discuss the crisis management.  Crisis management is a part of the territory for all PR professionals. It’s the...

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