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5 Strategies to Get More Out of Your Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has incredible potential for most brands, yet there’s a struggle to find the right influencers and get value out of these programs. Whatever your goals for marketing are, whether it’s building consumer trust and accessing new audiences or boosting...

3 Steps to Identifying Social Influencers

When it comes to current marketing strategies, brand influencers are seen as a natural fit for most brands who want to expand their reach. Influencers are seen as more effective than other marketing channels as consumers already know, like, and trust them.   While...

3 Ways for PR Pros to Get Noticed by Influencers

Over the past decade, the world of public relations has changed dramatically. It’s no longer just about pitching publications or websites; now, the focus is on leveraging the power of influencers. To successfully get noticed and work with influencers, it starts with...